Your Cat Hates Your Grooming? Tips You Should Follow To Have Proper Grooming And Check Her Health

black cat

Your Cat Hates Your Grooming? Tips You Should Follow To Have Proper Grooming And Check Her Health

black cat

If you are planning to own a cat or even if you already have one, you must get your grooming concepts right. You may have a groomer, but even then, it is necessary to know how to groom your cat so she loves it as much as you do. When you are grooming your cat for the first time, it is essential to take into consideration that both you and your cat are new to the thing. Even if you have groomed another cat, you have never groomed this kitty earlier. So, you both are not accustomed to it and agree that you both may make mistakes. It’s as much a learning lesson for you as it is for your dog.

Get all your things lined up and call your cat in the best voice you have. Let her examine all the things you would be using upon her, for you it’s just combs and brush and all but for her it’s all alien stuff. So, let her be comfortable with all those articles.

Meanwhile, you get up and get back with a good juicy piece of treat. Let her enjoy the treat and at the same time, play with those combs over her body so that she gets accustomed to it’s touch.

Now, is the time for action. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Give soft strokes and slowly move the brush deeper to untangle the messed up hair. The crux of the argument is that it should not come as a shock to your cat.

Use can use a really thin cotton cloth or an old pantyhose and have it fixed over the brush as it will penetrate through the bristles. Once you are done with, you can pull out the cloth piece and all the hair would come out. There is no need to clean the brush for hours.

One way to know if your cat has a good coat or not is to smell it. Yes, simply smelling the coat of your dog can tell you many things about the health of your cat. If it smells bad, that is different from normal, you know there is some problem.

Sometimes, even after repeated sessions of proper grooming, your cat may not look healthy in terms of her coat. This can also be a result of poor nutrition. At that time, you must make a chart for about a week, writing down all that you give your pet to eat. Afterwards, take this chart to your vet. It coulg be that the unhealthy coat of your dog is the result of some nutrition deficiency.

When you shampoo your cat, rinse her properly with water, however much she may dislike it otherwise, she will have a skin rash and infection which will be equally detestable.

After you have bathed the cat, dry her coat thoroughly. Even a small water on skin can lead to moist eczema, which is commonly referred to as a hot spot. This is not to say that you move the dryer over her for hours.

Do not use any over-the-counter available shampoo or anti-tick, unless it is recommended by her vet. Sometimes, what may suit other cats perfectly will not suit this cat at all. And, many times, it is these seemingly safe products that do more harm than good.

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