Why Don’t You Spend Your Lockdown More With Your Pet? Tips For Training Your Cat

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Before you get armed for training your cat, learn to be a cat yourself. Yes, place yourself in place of your cat and then evaluate the behavior of your cat. If you are able to understand your trainee, you can be a good trainer yourself, else not.

A good starting point for you to learn is that you must not ever hit your cat, come what may. This not to say that you will not stop them from spoiling your things. In fact, you need to reprimand them so that they understand where they are going wrong.

But that does not mean that you will have to use your physical power over the pet. You can make her understand that she is doing wrong by saying “No” in a stern voice and keep repeating it until she stops doing the act.

Alternately, you may also make a distinct and unpleasant noise whenever she does something naughty. You can clap your hands to make her understand that she needs to reconsider her act. But do not change the gesture again and again.

If you want your cat to answer you every time you call her, forget it. Cats are animal of their own free will and will never do anything if you impose it on them. Nevertheless, you can teach her to expect something good in return of answering your call.

If she thinks she will get a piece of dried fish in return for following your order, she will definitely follow you, that is, if she wants fish at that time. Never raise your voice or shout while calling your cat, she will not appreciate this gesture and amy not even listen to you in future for your inconsiderate and rude behavior. Following tips may help you become a better trainer your cat:

  • Make the training session pleasureable foe the cat.
  • Do not reward your cat for wrong deeds.
  • Do not ever punish your kitty.
  • Remember, she does not understand english. Telling her to ‘go’ or ‘sit’ will make no sense to her unless you properly demonstrate it to her.
  • Do not scold your cat after the misbehavior as she might not be able to co relate her act with the
  • punishment she gets.
  • Reward her whenever she does something good.

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