What Should I Do If Cats Do Not Get Relieved By Pain Relief Drugs? Home Remedies For Cats In Pain

My beautiful cat :)

What Should I Do If Cats Do Not Get Relieved By Pain Relief Drugs? Home Remedies For Cats In Pain

My beautiful cat :)

Natural remedies for pain relief

Cats do not metabolize pain relief drugs well, therefore home remedies for cats are excellent for pain relief. Signs of pain in cats are subtle and hard to notice. Most commonly your cat will be reluctant to move, eat less, and groom more. Some cats also hiss or growl when you touch a painful spot. Others just become unresponsive to your affection. Some cats become aggressive and belligerent when in pain while others may carry their ears lower and meow a lot. It is hard to judge the severity of your cat’s pain and some cats can tolerate more pain than others.

There are two types of pain – temporary (acute) and persistent (chronic). Acute pain results from sudden damage to any of the major organs, muscles, or bones through accidents or sudden organ inflammation. This article focuses on pain relief for this type of pain.

Arthritis and cancer are the most common causes of chronic pain.  For remedies for chronic pain relief read the article on Home Remedies for Cats with Arthritis.

Herbal remedies

Some herbs are excellent for soothing pain and reducing swelling of wounds, bites, insect stings and other minor injuries and skin allergies. Apply horsetail poultices alternated with compresses of Swedish bitters to the affected area and give four dropperfuls of a chamomile and catnip tisane six times a day. To make the tea, infuse one teaspoonful of the mixed herbs in 150 ml of water for one minute.

Homoeopathic remedies

Remedies like arnica are also useful to reduce pain. Arnica will help with minor bruises or muscle strains. You can buy it in chemists or online.

Other home remedies

If your cat has a visible injury and consequent swelling you can use an ice pack on the area to bring the swelling down.

Pain can interfere with your cat’s immune system, increase the risk of infections and slow the healing of wounds. Controlling pain, therefore, allows your cat to get well sooner, so it is best to give pain relief remedies early and the above natural and home remedies for cats in pain will bring effective relief for your cat.

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