What Are The Different Kinds Of Cat Food And Diets? Advantages Of 7 Food Types You Should Check


What Are The Different Kinds Of Cat Food And Diets? Advantages Of 7 Food Types You Should Check


When you go out in the market there are a number of brands of Cat food available in the market. A countless number of questions creeps into our minds as to what all should be done to ensure healthy food for your cat. Is our premium cat food available in the market are worth the price we pay for them or not?

There are a number of points in favor of all types of cat food but your decision on what to make your cat eat should depend upon a number of factors.

You need to access if your cat has some sort of deficiency and has been recommended a specific kind of food by his vet. If such is the case, then you should not interfere with the diet.

Whatever food you give, you should be able to provide it regularly as your cat will not like a regular change of food every other day.

Look into the budget matter as well. After all, feeding your cat is not the only requirement. You need to take care of your pet’s medical needs as well.

If you go in for homemade food, plan out in advance and take a few minutes’ time from your daily schedule. Your cat will not appreciate your being late about her food even if it’s only once in a week or so.

If going for commercially prepared food, read carefully all the ingredients and calorific value as well as the nutrient value of the food.

Finally, ask your pet’s doctor for his advice about the food that you are giving your cat. Sometimes, you may miss out on several essential minerals and vitamins without even knowing them.

Wet foods

  • It contains a lot of liquid.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Easy to digest.
  • Useful in maintaining water levels.

Dry foods

  • Less tartar-buildup.
  • The cat may require a lot of additional water consumption to remain healthy.
  • Less expensive.
  • Crunchy and easily manageable.

Moist foods

  • Similar to canned food.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • A lot of dye and chemicals are used.
  • Known to have an adverse effect on health.

Snack foods

  • Should be used as a supplement to regular food.
  • Are good if given occasionally.
  • Can be used while training the cat.


  • Good in nutritional value.
  • Some cats have lactose intolerant and are prone to diarrhea.
  • Should be given to young kittens.

Homemade Food

  • Can be fun to prepare.
  • Extra nutrients should be added to supplement the diet.
  • Some good recipe books for cats should be consulted.

Your Food

  • People’s food is not suitable for pets.
  • Not appropriate to the nutritional requirements of the cats.
  • Give the food in its dish, do not throw scraps here and there.
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