Unlocking Kitty Language: Understand What Your Cat is Telling You

cat meow meaning

Unlocking Kitty Language: Understand What Your Cat is Telling You

cat meow meaning

Hi there! It’s your gal Ashley, back again with some wholesome kitty content. Running a cat rescue shelter has taught me that, while kitties may not speak human, they certainly have a language of their own. If you’re a puzzled cat parent trying to understand what your furry darling is telling you, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s unlock the secret purrs, chirps and body language sways of our feline friends:

  1. Tail Tales: A cat’s tail is like a barometer of their emotions. Is it thrashing violently? Your cat might be agitated. Puffed up? They could be scared or aggressive. But if it’s straight up with a slight quiver at the end, you’re being greeted by a happy and excited cat. Watching Paws, a tabby at my shelter, has made me a tail-talk expert.
  2. Purr Points: While purring is usually a sign of contentment (like when Mittens purrs next to me on the sofa), cats can also purr when they’re stressed or unwell. A sudden change in the usual purr should be a cue to cat parents to dig a little deeper into their fur baby’s mood.
  3. The Blinking Kitty Kiss: This one’s my favorite. When your cat stares at you and then slowly blinks, it’s a sign of pure love and trust. It’s like getting a kiss from your kitty. Bella, my Siamese, shows her affection this way and it melts my heart every time!
  4. Vocal Vibrations: From trills to meows to chirps, cats have a wide vocal range. A short, high pitched ‘mew’ is often a greeting, while a drawn out ‘meeeoww’ can indicate that your cat is demanding something. Hissing and growling, of course, are signs of an upset or threatened cat.
  5. Body Interpretation: A cat laying on its back and exposing its belly might be showing you that it trusts you completely. But watch out, attempting a belly rub might be taken as a breach of faith – not all cats enjoy belly rubs!
  6. Kneading You: By pressing their paws in and out against a surface, your cat might be trying to show you affection, the way they did with their mama as a kitten. It’s also a sign of comfort and contentment, Mittens does this on my lap regularly, and serves as a lovely, soothing rhythm.
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Understanding cat language has a learning curve, and remember – every cat is unique. So, what reference works for one cat might not necessarily apply to another. Patience, observation, and bonding with your kitty will eventually help you crack their kitty code.

So, fellow cat whisperers, rejoice in the fact that our feline friends are talkative in their own adorable ways. And let’s keep unlocking the mysteries our kitties hold in their hearts. Until next time, keep loving your fur-bundles!

Hello, I am cat mum Ashley. This is the personal blog where I share all my love and knowledge of my cats. Stay around and let's have more purrr-fect meowww-moments together!

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