Understanding Cat Behavior In Different Conditions: Communication Guide For You And Your Felines


Understanding Cat Behavior In Different Conditions: Communication Guide For You And Your Felines


Understanding cat behavior is highly complex. Cat behavior is not like dogs. Consulting cat behavior is starts with maximum awareness about cats and their physiology. Cat physiology is different from dogs so many peoples have faced problems with cat handling and caring. So to understand how their cats are thinking, is really difficult. This guideline will help you to be expertise and specialized about your cat behavior.

Cat activities are flexible and varied. I.e. domestic cats are more active in morning and evening like humans (more active in morning and evening). Cats usually sleep 12 to 16 hours approximately. While sleeping they conserve more energy as compare to other animals, as they grow up their energy conserving power increases. This energy will help to stay energetic throughout the day. Cat nap is ability of falling asleep lightly for a short time. Also this is referred for someone’s few minute off.

Normally body temperature of cats is 100.5 to 102.5 Fahrenheit i.e. 38 to 39.2 Celsius. Variation of the body temperature below 100 or above 103 F is the case of worry. In this conditions you cat will become stressed and need to take them in veterinary offices. Temperature can be measured by the moistness of nose or warmness of ears, but this is a wrong method to test the body heat.

Cat’s Meowing Excessively: 

Meowing of cats is the way of getting attention towards them. But extra meowing sometimes signs of discomfort or medical illness. Meowing is the cat’s communication language. Sometimes cats get bored so to get interacted with humans, they used to meowing. The best solution for this is to provide them good cat toys and an entertainment environment so that they will be busy playing with. Do not give attention to extra meowing always; this may encourage continuing and causing cat behavioral problems.

Cat Scratching: 

Often cat has habit of clawing or scratching furniture and carpets. This is only for mark their land or scrape. Some times this will indicate that left on object and come again to claw it by smelling it. So cut your cat’s nail regularly to prevent fro furniture or other assets damages.

Cheeping Sound of Cat: 

A Female cat produced chirping sound for signaling that she is ready for a mate. Or she is badly felling sadness because of isolated feeling from mate. When cat get excited by the intension of killing to some one, it will possibly chirping.

Cat Biting: 

When you are brushing or petting your cat, sometimes the cat will bite you. Cats do this with intention of stopping you. In this condition slowly move your hand from her mouth and move away. Whenever an animal wildly flicking tail, ears laid back, their body tensing then leave her and don’t touch her and let the cat move away from its own.

Cat Affection: 

When the pet rub against you this activity indicates that your animal trying to show affection toward you. A truly affection by cat is shown by bump you with their head. This cat behavior called as “Bunting”. A dribble activity of cat also shows affection.

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