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My Cat Is Not Feeling Well! Check This If Your Feline Seems Sick: Cat Ailments A-Z

Home Remedies for Cats is for all of you who want to treat common cat health problems with natural and home remedies. I am a complementary therapist and have successfully been using home remedies to treat my cats for the last 16 years. On this website, you will discover the best natural and home remedies for […]

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How To Give A Cat A Pill And Still Be Friends? Ways To Medicate Your Feline

Over the years, I’ve had to give cats pills hundreds of times. This hasn’t always been a good experience — for me or the cats! These are some of the tricks I’ve learned, sometimes by trial and error and sometimes by just trying to think like a cat. A Word About Pills When given a […]

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How To Chat With Your Cats? Understanding Feline Communication

Do you get the impression that your cat is conversing in a foreign language? He certainly is! However, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of cat communication, it’s not difficult to grasp. The Unspoken Word Cats are constantly conversing with one another. It’s simply that we’re not hearing them. Mothers and kittens meow and chirp to […]

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My Cat Is Keep Biting And Chewing Herself: Types Of Allergies And Home Remedies For Felines

Allergies develop when your cat’s immune system responds to a specific irritant to which it has been exposed. Allergies are very annoying and stressful for cats, resulting in clawing, biting, or chewing the afflicted region. Home remedies for allergic cats might help you control the illness. Types of cat allergies Cat skin allergies come in […]

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Why Your Kitty Don’t Eat Watery Meals? 8 Tips For Switching Your Cat From Dry To Wet Food

Some cats just really love their dry food. I’ve had a few of those myself! But with patience and determination, you can switch a cat from dry to wet food. Just try these suggestions. If your cat eats both wet and dry food now, gradually decrease the amount of dry food she gets and increase […]

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What Can You Do To Your Overweight Cat? 6 Ways To Help Your Fat Cat Lose Weight

Your fat cat may look cute and cuddly, but inside that roly-poly exterior is a disaster waiting to happen. Obesity is the most common nutritional problem seen in pets, says veterinarian Susan Little of the Winn Feline Foundation. In an article in Pets Magazine, she says studies show that 40 to 50 percent of cats are overweight. […]

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How To Keep Your Cat From Getting Out Of The Harness? Escape Proof Cat Harnesses

To a cat, the most important things about a harness are that it’s lightweight and comfortable. But what you really want is an escape-proof cat harness. These harnesses combine the best of both worlds. Both are very secure for your peace of mind and so comfortable and light the cat barely knows it’s there. Lupine […]

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What Should You Do If You Meet A Stray Cat? Steps To Be Taken & Feline Resources

For the last day or so, I’ve been writing about stray cats and have been lost in happy memories. There was a huge feral with one ear who decided to move in with us and was my spirit guide for many years. And then there was a very cool furry dude who also moved in […]

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What To Buy For Your Cats On Amazon Prime Day 2023? Feline Supplies Shopping List That You Should Check

Amazon Prime Day is over for 2023, but no worries if you didn’t catch the deals – there are still some great deals around. To help you surf better, we’re rounding up some best post-Prime Day cat supplies deals. Whatever you’re looking for for your little kitty, you’re bound to find something on our list […]

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How To Find The Best Cat Supplies Deals On Amazon Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2023? Get Ready For The Super Sales On Cat Food, Litter, Bed, Toys…

Amazon Prime Day might still be fresh in your memory and we’re still a while away from Amazon Black Friday deals, but that doesn’t mean that you have nothing to do now! Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) are the best days of the year to shop on Amazon, one of the most convenient places, for your lovely kitties. We’re […]

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