Top 5 Flashy Asian Cat Breeds And Characteristics You Might Want To Know 2021

An integral part of the culture of the East, Asian cats are known for their flashy appearance, agility and demeanor. Although cats are some of the most popular pets around the world, they have taken on special symbolism in the East and Asia. They are associated with good luck, wealth, and money. Therefore, Asian cats are revered in their countries.

Asian cat breeds: There is no doubt that cats are extraordinary creatures that every day fascinate us with their behavior and eccentricity. However, in some parts of the world, they are given real “powers”. Here are some of the breeds of Asian cats worth knowing:

Siamese cat

The first cat in the list of Asian races is a representative of Thailand, more precisely, the ancient Kingdom of Siamese. The Siamese cat, known for its slender body, light fur, and blue eyes, tends to be quite “talkative” and meows constantly, especially during the heat. She is also known for her personality and the way she expresses her disagreement in certain situations. The typical curiosity of all cats is greater in this breed. Like many Asian breeds, the Siamese is also quite active and affectionate.

Persian cat

Now let’s talk about Iran, where an extremely elegant, sophisticated and majestic cat was created. She is considered an aristocratic cat, and thanks to her beauty, her breed quickly spread from Asia to Europe and America.

Medium-sized Persian cat with a round massive head, squashed muzzle, and bulging eyes. She has thick fur, long and silky to the touch, and rounded at the ends. There are Persians of all colors, but in most cases, they are black, brown, or white.

Japanese Bobtail

Let’s go back to the most eastern point of the continent to find one of the most curious Asian cat breeds. Its main quality is a short rabbit-like tail due to a recessive gene. A native of Japan, the bobtail is an icon in the country’s tradition. The famous Maneki-Neko amulet – the cat of luck – is based on this breed and also on the character Hello Kitty!

Medium in size, with a triangular muzzle and pointed ears, this cat has a silky, long or short coat. Her body is stretched, like many eastern felines, has a long nose and large eyes. She is a very active, curious and playful cat, and cannot stand being alone.

Japanese Bobtail cats are very arrogant and in their own minds, straight Eastern wisdom. They are loyal to the owner, obey immediately, constantly smiling and purring. They are very clean and love comfort and order.

Angora cat

Here is another of the Asian cat breeds, whose past is quite far away. It is native to the Ankara region of Turkey, and there are examples of two different colors that are considered pure and traditional.

The Angora cat can have a coat of different colors: white, brown, black, cream, red, bluish, or brindle. As for temperament, it is a rather active, curious, dexterous, and intelligent feline. It is also a cat that loves to cuddle, even if it doesn’t like being held for too long.

Ceylon cat

The last Asian cat on this list is from Sri Lanka, in southeastern India, and is a breed that is not common in the rest of the world. In his home country, she is considered a symbol of good luck.

It is a small animal, weighing about 5 kg, with characteristic large ears and striped lines on the head and back. In terms of character, he is quite outgoing, gets along well with people and other animals, and adapts to life in the city. There is no doubt that Asian cats are gorgeous and special specimens because of their attitude and agility.

Ceylon cat makes their pet owners happy. It is a very child-friendly breed, it endures everything that little kids do to her. This is really not a common cat breed in the USA.

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