Time For Proper Nutrition For Your Felines: All About Benefits Of Dry Cat Food

Time For Proper Nutrition For Your Felines: All About Benefits Of Dry Cat Food

Too many rumors have spread about the usefulness/harm of dry food for our pets. We will tell you about the benefits of dry cat food.

The owner decides how to feed the mustachioed ward. However, do not save or buy the wrong cat food, so as not to harm the health of the cat. You should treat your pet like your child and then your cat will delight you for a very long time!

Save money

Many owners are convinced that buying commercial cat food can drain the wallet. This opinion, if not fundamentally wrong, then at least deserves serious criticism. Firstly, today pet stores, veterinary pharmacies, and ordinary supermarkets offer the widest selection of food with the same wide range of prices (choosing an acceptable option is not a problem).

Secondly, it is worth calculating how much it costs to feed your pet with natural food. It is possible that in addition to soups (prepared for all family members), the cat is pampered with a piece of chicken, cottage cheese, fish, or milk. Thirdly, the consumption of dry food in comparison with natural food is not as great as it seems.

Each package must include a table with the ratio of the pet’s weight and its optimal daily feed rate. For example, a large castrated cat (Scottish Fold) weighing 6 kg will eat about 70-90 grams of super premium food per day (approximately 2-2.5 kg per month, which in most cases is equal to the weight of 1 package). The amount of feed eaten by an animal will differ depending on the class of the product.

As a rule, a cat will eat more economy class food than a holistic class (it’s all about calorie content, taste, smell). However, the price for a package of high-quality feed is significantly higher. It makes no sense to analyze the value of each brand: the market is dynamic, some prices are very high, and sometimes, on the contrary, there are profitable promotional offers. The best option for an acquaintance would be a trip to a pet store.

Save time

Dry food can pleasantly make life easier for cat and cat owners. If natural food, which was left to the animal for a day, tends to wind up, turn sour, and spoil in every possible way, then this will definitely not happen with industrial feed.

In the morning you put food on the purr and boldly go to work. Rest assured, the cat will not turn up its nose from such food, as from sour soup. Most importantly, leave him a bowl of fresh water. Thus, you save time on constant cooking for your pet, and also do not throw away the missing food.

Balanced composition

It cannot be argued that all dry food is equally useful for pets. As mentioned above, the quality of the feed is directly proportional to its class. There are four classes in total:

  • Economy;
  • Premium;
  • Super-premium;
  • Holistic.

It is logical that the “poorest” composition is in economy class products. Manufacturers often use raw materials of not the best quality, make them cheaper with all sorts of substitutes, and most importantly, add strong flavors and flavorings. Cats really like the smell of this food, and they quickly get used to it. Do not be surprised if, after adding food, after 2 minutes you see an empty bowl and a happy face. Veterinarians and breeders categorically do not recommend economy-class food: preserving the health of the animal is much more important than saving a few rubles.

The case with premium food is slightly better, but if a decision was made to abandon natural food, then you should pay attention to super-premium food and holistic. The composition of these products is perfectly balanced, and if you look at the label, you can see that it is detailed. The cat’s diet will contain a maximum of meat products, a minimum of cereals, vitamins, minerals (by the way, there is no need to buy additional vitamins, except for the recommendations of a veterinarian).

The calorie content of food is quite high, the pet must be provided with unhindered access to water. True, the animal can turn its nose from such food.

Why? The answer is simple: there are no flavors or flavors in it. To understand the cat’s indignation, try to personally compare the smell of economy and super-premium food. When transferring a pet to high-quality industrial feed for the first time, it is better to purchase small packages (and not 7-10 kg bags) and observe the purr’s appetite. You may need to try 3-5 types of food before your cat approves the purchase.

After a few days, the pet will delight you with a shiny, soft coat, no odor from the mouth, and regular stools. And this is undoubtedly a huge plus since trips to the tray will be reduced to 1 time per day (instead of 2-3), and the smell will be very different (of course, for the better).

To be or not to be dry food?

As always, the answer is only for the owner. The main rule is not to harm. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, take into account the master’s daily routine and pet troubles. Having decided to buy industrial food, it is necessary to choose the right class and type of food: an adult cat of 7 years old cannot be offered a diet for a kitten up to 1 year old, and a castrated cat cannot be offered a diet for pregnant and lactating cats.

A competent and responsible approach to nutrition will ensure a healthy, well-fed, and long life for your pet.

Hello, I am cat mum Ashley. This is the personal blog where I share all my love and knowledge of my cats. Stay around and let's have more purrr-fect meowww-moments together!

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