The Secret Life of Cats: 10 Surprising Things They Do When You’re Not Around

sneaking cat hiding

The Secret Life of Cats: 10 Surprising Things They Do When You’re Not Around

sneaking cat hiding

Hey there, cat lovers! It’s Ashley again, delving into the mysterious world of our furry friends. As a cat mum and a rescue shelter runner, I’ve often been curious about what my cats are up to when I’m not around. So, with the help of a few hidden cameras and a lot of patience, I’ve uncovered some fascinating insights about their secret world. Here are 10 surprising things your little furball does when they think no one’s watching:

  1. Closet Explorers: You’ll be amazed by the curiosity of cats. My little Tigger loves exploring the closets, squeezing himself into the smallest spaces to take a snooze or just to sniff around. Once, I even found him making a disheveled nest in my seasonal decor box in the attic!
  2. High Point Scouting: Whiskers is an adventurous one, always scouting the highest point in the house for a quick survey. Be it the top shelf in the study or on top of the fridge, if you don’t find her around, always look vertically.
  3. Crafty Mischief: If your yarn, socks or toilet paper are always missing, don’t blame it on the resident ghost. Our shelter’s sneaky tortoiseshell, Patches, loves taking these and stashing them in secret places, especially my slippers!
  4. Bird Watching: Muffin will sit on the windowsill for hours, captivatingly watching birds and squirrels in the yard. It’s a delightful way for cats to simulate the thrill of the hunt.
  5. Toy Hoarding: Think your kitty isn’t much into toys? They might have fooled you! Paws gets super excited with his collection, but only when he assumes he’s unwatched. I’ve recorded him proudly pouncing and parading around with his favourite feather wand.
  6. Furniture Scratching: When you’re not around, your cat will find the perfect spot to sharpen its claws, and unfortunately, that might be your treasured furniture. I’ve found Lady Grey exercising this habit at the back of the sofa, cunningly hidden from my sight.
  7. Self-grooming: Princess, our Persian cat, spends nearly half her day grooming herself when no one’s around. It’s her self-care routine, keeping her fur in purr-fect condition.
  8. Sleeping, and lots of it: Well, this isn’t exactly a secret. But cats sleep even more when you’re not around, finding the coziest corners to curl up for a snooze. Oreo, our elderly tabby, loves the warm laundry basket for his afternoon nap.
  9. Staring at the Wall: This might sound odd, but my Siamese, Luna, spends a good chunk of her alone time just staring at the wall, completely lost in her own thoughts. I like to believe she’s contemplating cat philosophy!
  10. Waiting for You: And finally, cats miss you when you’re gone. Sandy, a loving calico, will patiently wait by the door, listening to the sounds, anticipating our return.

So, there you have it: the secret, entertaining, and quite endearing life of cats when we’re not around. It’s almost like a different universe where they feel free to indulge their instincts and peculiar fancies. Stay tuned for the next post, and until then – keep discovering and loving your wonderful cats!

Hello, I am cat mum Ashley. This is the personal blog where I share all my love and knowledge of my cats. Stay around and let's have more purrr-fect meowww-moments together!

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