Cat Behavior

Crazy or Cute? Why Your Cat Brings You Dead Creatures

Hey there, fellow cat enthusiasts! Ashley here, sharing some adorable, albeit slightly gruesome, anecdotes and insights about our beloved feline companions. I still remember the first time my furball of love, Tigger, brought me a “gift.” As I sat enjoying my morning coffee, Tigger strutted in, head held high, collar bell jingling with pride, proudly […]


Is Your Cat Instagram-Worthy? 10 Tips to Capture Purrfect Shots

Hello fellow cat aficionados! It’s Ashley, your cat mum and feline photography enthusiast, here to shine some light (pun intended) on feline photography. A few years ago, I decided to create an Instagram page for my rescue cats. The first time I tried to photograph my usually docile Snowball, she sprang from the top of […]

cat memes

How Cats Conquered the Internet: A Timeline of Viral Cat Memes

Greetings fellow feline enthusiasts! It’s Ashley, your resident cat mum and dedicated champion of all things whiskered and fluffy. Today, we’ll embark on a meow-nificent journey, exploring how our cute little four-legged furballs have managed to claw their way to the hearts of millions and effectively command the reins of the internet with their undeniable […]

Cat Behavior

The Science Behind Cats Landing on Their Feet: Busting Feline Myths

Hey there, fellow cat parents! It’s your feline insider, Ashley, back to scratch beneath the surface of one of the most enduring cat myths – the inimitable ability of cats to always land on their feet, known as the “righting reflex”. It’s a fabulous spectacle, but have you ever wondered how our nimble kitties pull […]

Cat Breed

Battle of the Breeds: Who Wins in a Cuteness Contest, Maine Coon or Persian?

Hi there, fellow purr-sonalities! It’s Ashley again, your cat momma and rescue shelter guide, and today we’re stepping into the feline fashion runway. If there’s something I appreciate tremendously, it’s the stunning diversity of cat breeds. Today we spotlight two glamorous stars of the cat world: the majestic Maine Coon and the quintessentially elegant Persian. […]

Cat Behavior

Unlocking Kitty Language: Understand What Your Cat is Telling You

Hi there! It’s your gal Ashley, back again with some wholesome kitty content. Running a cat rescue shelter has taught me that, while kitties may not speak human, they certainly have a language of their own. If you’re a puzzled cat parent trying to understand what your furry darling is telling you, you’ve come to […]

Cat Behavior

Cats vs. Cucumbers: Unraveling the Internet’s Most Puzzling Trend

Hello, fellow feline enthusiasts! It’s Ashley, your fellow cat-mum and full-time rescue shelter connoisseur, here to unravel one of the internet’s most puzzling and viral trends – Cats vs. Cucumbers! You must have come across videos where terrified cats leap into the air at the sight of a seemingly harmless cucumber. Hilarious? Yes. But, shouldn’t […]

Felines Culture

What’s That On Your Sleeve? 10 Stunning Cat Tattoo Ideas That Will Be The Envy Of All Cat Lovers!

Hello there, cat-lovers and body-art enthusiasts alike, it’s your girl Ashley. In my years as a cat-mum and shelter runner, I’ve seen my fair share of cat displays of affection, and surprisingly, many come in the form of tattoos! Got some empty skin real estate and a passion for cats? Then you’ve come to the […]

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