No-Kill Shelter For Little Cat-With-No-Name: A Heartbreaking Feline Story That Leads You To Reflect


No-Kill Shelter For Little Cat-With-No-Name: A Heartbreaking Feline Story That Leads You To Reflect


She spent her last days in a cage at the merciless “shelter” run by Baltimore County Animal Control. A black cat with no name, she was thrown out by her people and left to perish either outdoors or at the hands of executioners claiming to work in the animal welfare field.

My rescue team attempted to save her. She was even placed on hold for us. However, when a volunteer went to remove her out of the shelter this afternoon, they informed him that she was “no longer there.” In other terms, she was murdered. I’m not suggesting they euthanized her. Euthanasia translates as “happy death.” Living in a cage and then being injected with a deadly dose is hardly a “happy death.”

Since we discovered out, our volunteers and I have been mourning for the black cat with no name that died in that horrible “shelter.” We made an attempt, lovely kitty. We gave it our all. We expected you to visit our shelter, which is a genuine refuge where cats live in luxury and dignity until they find their everlasting homes. We had fantastic intentions for you. We would adore you until you found a family that would cherish every minute they spent with you. I’m taken aback. I still don’t believe they took away your love and lovely life.

Tonight, I’ve been writing articles for my website about adopting a cat, and I’ve been thinking about you and the millions of other cats that die in shelters every year because people believe they’re disposable, like an old pair of shoes.

As sad as it is, I long for the day when our country appreciates the lives of all of its creatures, including cats and dogs. We will one day be a no-kill country. Consider reading more about the no-kill movement here. We can achieve it if we all join together and tell our local animal control authorities that we want the slaughter to stop.

Dear black kitty, rest in peace. We adored you despite the fact that we had never met you. We even came up with a moniker for you. We were going to refer to you as Lucky.

Hello, I am cat mum Ashley. This is the personal blog where I share all my love and knowledge of my cats. Stay around and let's have more purrr-fect meowww-moments together!

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