No-Kill Shelter For Little Cat-With-No-Name: A Heartbreaking Feline Story That Leads You To Reflect 2021

She lived her last days in a cage at Baltimore County Animal Control’s ruthless “shelter.” A black cat with no name, she was tossed out by her humans and left to die either outside or at the hands of the executioners who say they work in the animal welfare profession.

My rescue tried to save her. They even put her on hold for us. But when a volunteer went to get her out of the shelter this afternoon, they told him she was “no longer there.” In other words, they killed her. Notice I am not saying they euthanized her. Euthanasia means “good death.” Living in a cage and then being given a lethal injection is not a “good death.”

Since we found out, our volunteers and I have been grieving for the black cat with no name who died so unnecessarily in that awful “shelter.” We tried, sweet cat. We really tried. We thought you would be coming to our shelter, which is a true shelter where cats live in comfort and dignity until they find their forever homes. We had wonderful plans for you. We were going to love you until you found a family that would treasure every moment they spent with you. I’m in shock. I still don’t believe they deprived you of that love and a wonderful life.

Tonight, I’ve been writing articles for my website about adopting a cat and thinking about you and the thousands of other cats who die in shelters every year because people think they’re disposable and can be tossed out like an old pair of shoes.

Sad as I am, I dream of the day when this nation values the lives of all of our animals, including our cats and dogs. Someday, we will be a no-kill nation. Read more about the no-kill movement here, and think about it. We can do this, if all of us work together and let our animal control agencies know we want the killing to stop.

Rest in peace, dear black cat. Although we never met you, we loved you. We even had a name for you. We were going to call you Lucky.

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