My Cat Sneezes Continuously! Home Remedies And Diet You Should Follow For Felines With Colds

Stretching in the morning

My Cat Sneezes Continuously! Home Remedies And Diet You Should Follow For Felines With Colds

Stretching in the morning

Natural remedies for cat colds

If your cat has caught a cold, you can easily relieve the symptoms with home remedies for cats with colds. Symptoms of a cat cold include nasal congestion, sneezing, and discharge of mucus from the eyes and nose. Most infections will clear up on their own within one week if your cat is kept warm and hydrated, so keep your cat in a warm, draught free room during the preroid of treatment with access to clean water.

Herbal treatments

Home-made herbal remedies work well in fighting a cat cold. Give your cat two dropperfuls of a warm marigold and stinging nettle tea, mixed with half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a small amount of honey (tip of a teaspoon), four times a day.

When the runny nose is watery in nature, the cold is likely be due to a simple viral infection. Remove the mucus from the nose and eyes with cotton wool balls soaked in a chamomile tea.

To relief congestion, prepare a steam inhalation by pouring a litre of boiling water onto a heaped tablespoon of chamomile. Suspend the cat in a carrier over the steaming bowl and cover the carrier with a towel. Be prepared for protest! Alternatively, if your cat will sit on your knee with its head over the bowl, cover it with a towel for a short while.

Groom your cat as purring helps it to breathe more easily. The longer you can keep your cat purring, the better. Apply a horsetail poultice to the sinuses and the chest overnight.

Homoeopathic remedies

Remedies like calc phos, hepar sulph and ferrum phos can be safely given to manage symptoms of cat colds.

PetAlive offers a remedy called KC-Defence which relieves a dry, hacking cough and sneezing, provides effective respiratory support and protection, helps to clear the chests for easy breathing, and strengthens the immune system. The remedy comes in granule form and is sprinkled directly into your cat’s mouth. Administer every hour for up to ten doses. Thereafter, give three times daily for two to three weeks.


Do not force your cat to eat. Give small portions of easy-to-digest food. If the cat is feverish prepare a meat and vegetable stew and mix in herbs such as stinging nettle, wild garlic, watercress, and feverfew. Completely liquidize the stew before feeding.

If your cat refuses to eat give Vitamin C. This works wonders and a quarter of a Vitamin C tablet dissolved and given in a dropper every day for four days will help to cure the cold.

If the infection does not respond to treatment with these home remedies for cats with colds within seven days or if the nasal discharge turns opaque and yellowish-green in color, take your cat to a vet.

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