Medical Conditions You Must Know As A Cat Owner: Ailments Home Remedies For Felines Can Treat

Medical Conditions You Must Know As A Cat Owner: Ailments Home Remedies For Felines Can Treat

Home Remedies For Cats

Home remedies for cats are treatments to cure an ailment that employ herbs, spices or vegetables. Homeopathic remedies are also often counted as home remedies. They are different to home remedies as they do not include herbs as such.

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The use of herbs as a holistic, natural method of dealing with feline diseases is in harmony with your cat’s body. Home remedies for cats are also often less expensive than over the counter or prescription medication. Containing only natural ingredients they tend to have fewer side effects.

Diseases You Can Apply Home Remedies

Home remedies for cats can help treating a variety of cat health problems that are not medical emergencies. They can be used to treat disorders of the

  • digestive system
  • immune system
  • respiratory system
  • skeletal and muscular system
  • urinary system
  • eye, ears and mouth problems
  • emotional problems
  • internal and external parasites and
  • skin and coat problems

Tips You Should Be Careful When Using Home Remedies

Severe medical conditions should not be treated at home and you should take your get to the vet. These include major trauma, injury or shock from falls, vehicle accidents, severe wounds and broken bones, loss of consciousness or seizures, bloody stool or urine or painful defecation or urination, bloated or swollen abdomen, severe breathing difficulties, heatstroke or severe continuous pain.

Home remedies for cats are safe to use but not entirely risk-free. As with any medicine, exercise caution when using them. Whether you use the home or ready-made remedies, always follow the recommended dosage. If you buy natural remedies, buy them from a reputable retailer and when making your own remedies, make sure all your ingredients are fresh and clean.

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