Is It Real? Fact Check! Top 10 Myths About Cats You Can Endure Boring Quarantine

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  • Myth: Cats always land on their feet.
  • Fact: While cats instinctively fall feet first but that does not mean that they will not receive any injuries.

  • Myth: Cats should be given milk every day.
  • Fact: Some cats have lactose intolerance. So, they should not be forced to have milk. A grown-up cat can have its nutrients even without having milk.

  • Myth: Spayed or neutered cats gain weight.
  • Fact: This is not true at all.

  • Myth: Cats are not susceptible to rabies.
  • Fact: Dogs, cats, and even humans can get rabies.

  • Myth: If cats are kept indoors, they are safe from communicable diseases.
  • Fact: The microbes can easily travel indoors through the air. So, this is a total myth.

  • Myth: A cat’s sense of balance is in its whiskers.
  • Fact: Cats have whiskers as “feelers” and not have balance.

  • Myth: Declawing won’t hurt my cat.
  • Fact: Declawing will definitely hurt your cat. It is not just cutting their nails, it also includes amputating the bones of their feet.

  • Myth: Cats should have fish always.
  • Fact: Excessive fish eating can get Yellow Fat Disease (steatitic) in cats though they may be served fish in moderate amounts.

  • Myth: Dog food will be equally nutritious for cats.
  • Fact: Nutritional requirements of cats are entirely different from dogs. Giving them this food will lead to blindness, dry scaly skin.

  • Myth: Cats smother babies
  • Fact: Nothing can be more false than this. There has not been even a single case in the whole world so far.

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