How To Keep Your Cat From Getting Out Of The Harness? Escape Proof Cat Harnesses 2021

To a cat, the most important things about a harness are that it’s lightweight and comfortable. But what you really want is an escape-proof cat harness. These harnesses combine the best of both worlds. Both are very secure for your peace of mind and so comfortable and light the cat barely knows it’s there.

  • Lupine H-Style Cat Harness

H-style harnesses work best for cats because they buckle around the cat’s neck and middle, rather than slipping over his head. Although there are many H-style harnesses in pretty patterns and colors these days, Lupine cat harnesses remain my favorites. The harnesses and matching leashes are made in the US of high-tensile webbing and have custom, extra-strength buckles. The buckles do not break or come apart, even if the cat is pulling on the leash, making this harness virtually escape proof.

  • Kitty Holster

The cats I know love the Kitty Holster because it’s so soft and comfortable. This 100 percent cotton cat harness has wide Velcro closures that go around the cat’s neck and middle. There’s a metal D-ring so you can attach a leash. Unlike some other walking harnesses for cats, the Kitty Holster fits securely and never slips out of place.

How To Keep Kitty From Getting Out Of Her Harness?

Taking a cat outside on a harness and leash may sound scary at first. But if the harness is fitted correctly and you remember a few simple tips, you’ll never have to worry about kitty escaping and venturing off on her own.

  • Measure First: Put a tape measure around your cat’s neck, making it tight enough that no fingers fit between her fur and the tape measure. With the cat standing up, also measure her girth right behind the front legs. Add about five percent to each measurement. Check the measurement of the harness before you buy to make sure it’s the right size. If it’s too small, the cat will be uncomfortable. If it’s too large, she’ll be able to squirm out of it.
  • The ‘Purrfect’ Fit: If you can slide just one finger between the harness and the cat, it’s just right.
  • Check The Buckles: Most cat harnesses have plastic buckles that snap together. Make sure to snap the buckles correctly. If just one prong is sticking out or missing, the buckle will come apart.
  • Hold the leash behind the cat and keep it slack. Backing out of a harness is almost impossible if the leash is behind the cat. If the leash is too taut, the harness can pull open if the cat lunges or starts to run. Remember, the buckles are designed to open under pressure.
  • Never tug on the leash. Remember, the harness is designed to open under pressure. If your cat goes under the deck or car, be patient and wait for her to come out, or try to gently push her out with your hands. You might be able to lure her out with treats, too. I always have a bag of treats in my pocket when I’m outside with a cat in a harness and leash.
  • Don’t panic if your cat gets out of the harness. She’ll probably be so surprised she’ll just sit down. Sit on the ground and encourage her to come to you. When she does, reach out slowly and pet her. When she’s very close to you, calmly pick her up. If she starts to wander off, don’t run after her. A cat can outrun a human any day, and the sound of you running behind her will make her go faster. Walk calmly and slowly. Say her name in a friendly voice. When she stops, bend over or sit on the ground and encourage her to come to you.
  • Always supervise your cat when she’s outside on a tie-out. She could be injured by an animal or human passing through your yard, and the tie-out can get tangled in bushes or wrapped around trees.

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