How To Choose Names And Nicknames For Male Cats? Tips And Unique Recommendations For You 2021

Undoubtedly, the choice of a nickname for a mustachioed pet is a very responsible task. Sometimes this task can drag on for several weeks and the kitten will have time to get used to the usual “kitty-kitty” or “cat”. Today, classic nicknames for a cat such as Vasya, Kuzya, Murzik are not interesting to anyone and are rarely used. Now the name for the mustachioed pet is chosen based on the color, behavior, or breed of the mustache. We bring to your attention a large set of options for nicknames for cats.

How to choose a name for a kitten boy?

You can think over possible options for a name for a kitten before buying, or choose a nickname after buying. However, you should carefully study your pet’s habits. The nickname can depend on the color, eye color, behavior, and even on the structure of the body! Now it is easy to choose a nickname for a cat without inventing it day and night. You can simply search the Internet for interesting nicknames for cats and choose the most suitable for your kitten.

It is worth saying that before you start choosing a nickname and wasting time on it, check your kitten. Fun fact, but sometimes the owners find out over time that they have not a cat, but a kitty. Of course, if you choose the nickname Vasily, then your cat can become Vasilisa or vice versa, but keep in mind that he will need to get used to the new nickname again.

If you have documents or you are just 100% sure that your kitten is a cat, then feel free to start choosing a name. The good news is that today, nicknames for pets are not limited by your imagination. It can be:

  • abstract phenomena;
  • natural phenomena;
  • the names of your favorite characters from books, movies, etc .;
  • human names.

Also, do not forget to take into account that the simpler the nickname you come up with, the easier it will be for the kitten to get used to it. Therefore, try to choose nicknames that consist of 2-3 syllables.

How to accustom a kitten to a name?

After you have chosen a kitten’s nickname, you must accustom him to it as soon as possible. Experienced trainers recommend this scheme:

  • When calling the kitten to you, show that you have food in your hands and let the cat sniff it.
  • Then repeat the operation, but put the food in the cat’s bowl. So you can also teach the kitten not to stretch all the food around the apartment.
  • Be sure to praise and pet your pet for his efforts.

Thus, over time, your mustache will trigger a conditioned reflex and he will respond to his nickname.

Funny nicknames for boys cats

If you want to approach this issue creatively and with a little humor, I suggest you some cool names for the cat: Rambo, Santa, Tarzan, Terminator, Cognac, Einstein, Mercedes, Randall, Fruit, Tomahawk, Poncho, Cactus, Copernicus, Lancelot, Tutankhamun, Klondike, Qigong, etc.

Cool names for cats

Well, now there are some cool names for cats. Such nicknames reflect not only the character of the pet, but also emphasize the non-standard thinking of the owners of pussies. They sound very interesting and original, and are a great way to demonstrate the uniqueness of your cat. Just listen to such cool names:

  • Vivaldi, Mozart, Schubert – the names of the great composers are perfect for especially “musical” kittens who love to sing serenades in the morning.
  • Zeus, Dionysus, Hercules, Hephaestus – these are cool nicknames for boys’ cats in honor of the ancient Greek gods.
  • Mojito, Wasabi – the green shade of your pet’s eyes can inspire you to such nicknames.
  • Gatsby – for the “intelligent” purr
  • Star – from English. The star is for cats with a bright character.
  • Aristotle, Solomon – the names of thinkers will be an excellent nickname for calm and thoughtful kittens.

Russian names for cats

In pursuit of originality and non-standard nicknames, many people forget about Russian names for a cat. It would seem that against the background of French, English, Japanese or French nicknames, Russian nicknames for animals sound monotonous and uninteresting. However, believe me, this is just a stereotype.

I will give you as an example several original names for boys’ cats that are of Russian origin: Baton, Belok, Borzik, Dobrynya, Kuzma, Miron, Timka, Tikhon (affectionately Tishka).

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