How Often Should You Scoop A Cat’s Litter Box? Tips To Keep Kitty’s Toilet Clean

What Can You Do To Your Overweight Cat? 6 Ways To Help Your Fat Cat Lose Weight

How Often Should You Scoop A Cat’s Litter Box? Tips To Keep Kitty’s Toilet Clean

What Can You Do To Your Overweight Cat? 6 Ways To Help Your Fat Cat Lose Weight

You’ve been scooping your cat’s litter box every couple of days, right? And it’s a stinking shambles? And, on top of that, it’s a royal pain in the buttocks? You’ve already realized that once every couple of days is insufficient.

There is no limit to how often you can and should scoop a cat’s litter box. However, you must scoop it AT LEAST once every day. You will have to scoop more if you have more than one cat and they share a single litter box (you should usually have two litter boxes).

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Ideally, you should scoop the kitten litter box twice a day, if not more. The tidy your cat’s litter box is, the more grateful he or she will be. Your cat enjoys associating their fragrance with their litter box. Heavy odor-control treatments may be troublesome for certain cats since they disguise your cat’s natural stench while also being off-putting and unpleasant to a feline’s sensitive nose. Your cat, on the other hand, does not need feces and pee to sniff their leftover aroma. You don’t want to go through a poop and pee minefield to use the restroom, do you? It’s likely that your cat dislikes it as well. Frequent scooping solves many cat litter box behavior issues! In the event of non-clumping litter, cleaning should be done on a regular basis.

The more often you scoop the litter box, the less difficult it will be. While scooping more often may seem like an extra burden at first, you’ll soon realize it’s preferable to the large mess that results from not scooping frequently enough.

The issue is that even the finest clumping litter has a limited capacity to retain moisture. When it gets over-saturated, it loses its ability to cluster into a firm mass and starts to break apart. In order to create space for more, your cat has to push clumps of urine and excrement around. Some of the clusters may separate as they do so. In addition, your cat may wind up peeing in the same location repeatedly, resulting in a massive quantity of clumped litter that is too moist to keep together. Along the way, you come upon a massive mess of semi-clumped litter that comes apart as you attempt to shovel it out, leaving small fragments of urine-soaked litter behind.

The more often you scoop, the simpler it is and the cleaner your litter box remains. This means you won’t have to replace the trash as often. This, of course, raises the issue of how often the trash should be changed.

If you use clumping litter and scoop it as often as possible, even many times a day, you will discover that you do not need to replace the litter as frequently. The frequency is determined by the number of cats and the number of litter boxes. Assuming you use clumpable litter (particularly hard-clumping multi-cat litter) and scoop often, twice a day or more, you should replace it once a month. If the litter smells strongly, has little clumps, or is damp, you should replace it more often. Empty the litter box and clean it with warm water and soap, or white vinegar.

Cat Litter Scooping Tips

To make scooping your cat’s litter box more often and habitual, you should make it as easy as possible. The more difficult it is, the less likely you are to complete it. Finding a little baggie, scooping the litter into it, and then taking the bag to the garbage (where it will most certainly stink up the home) is unlikely to help.

What you’ll need is a container with a tight seal, roughly the size of a small trash can, lined with a plastic garbage bag or a tough plastic grocery or other shopping bag. Old tins that used to hold popcorn, cookies, and other snacks may be utilized for this. Line the tin with the plastic bag, extending the bag’s edges over the container’s rim. When you close the lid, the plastic from the bag will help form a tight seal, keeping the odor in. While you may not want to use odor control items in your litter box, if the seal on your scooped litter container isn’t perfect, a convenient bottle of litter odor-control may be useful for regulating odor from your scooped litter container. After you’ve scooped the litter into the bag, add some odor-control powder on top and close the bag. Keep in mind that any big enough container with a tight-fitting lid will suffice.

Every time you scoop, just place it in the bag-lined container and shut when finished. When the bag is filled enough (you must be the judge of this), tie it up and toss it away. Trash collection day is ideal for this, so if you can develop a practice of tossing away the bag on garbage day every week, you won’t have an old stinking bag of used litter lingering around in any trash bins.

The Litter Genie Cat Litter Disposal System is a device that may assist and is particularly designed to collect scooped litter as well as reduce the related smells.

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