How Much Litter To Put In A Cat’s Litter Box? How To Keep Kitty’s Toilet Clean

gray and white cat showing tongue

How Much Litter To Put In A Cat’s Litter Box? How To Keep Kitty’s Toilet Clean

gray and white cat showing tongue

The amount of cat litter to use is a frequently asked topic. However, I must admit that I was inspired to write this explanation after seeing Jackson Galaxy on “My Cat From Hell” discussing how much cat litter to use. Is this person simply making everything up? (That would be yes, it seems.)

So, according to Mr. Galaxy, a cat doesn’t require more than two (maybe three) inches of litter at the bottom of the box. This is an example of a lot of trash. If you only give your cat two inches of litter, he or she will have insufficient to work with. The pee, in particular, will seep straight through the box and create a pool on the bottom, combining with the litter to produce a sticky mess. You’ll wind up with a stinky, sloppy litter box, and your cat will despise it just as much as you do.

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Best High Dome Covered Litter Box House With Modern Minimalist Design.

The Hamptons of Litter Boxes – The litter box itself is great. The lid is very easily removed, and it is incredibly easy to scoop. The grated walkway entrance allows for litter to shake off your kitties paws without tracking it outside the box. The cats have to step down from the opening into the base of the box which is great for messy diggers like little babes. They do their business below the opening which keeps the stray litter in the box. There is a nice little area to hook your scooper to inside the box for easy storage, too!

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Best Stainless Steel Cat XL Litter Box

Stainless Steel Litter Box – If you have a cat, buy this now. If you have more than one cat, you should have bought this yesterday. Scooping scuds and clumps is nirvana with this magical litter box. The scoop slides through the litter like a hot knife through butter; nothing sticks to the pan itself and clumps come out miraculously intact (provided you’re using a clumping litter). Absolutely zero odor retention. The length of this bad boy makes it convenient and appealing to larger cats with plenty of room to scritch and scratch and turn with less litter on the floor afterward.

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✅ Best Cats Hooded Litter Box System

Great box. Great concept. Great design. Decent Quality. Would recommend changes. – The Tidy Cats BREEZE training instructions advise the pet owner to place the pellet litter box next to the cat’s existing litter box with the idea in mind that if you simply stop scooping the old littler box, eventually, the pellet litter box will begin to look more and more appealing to them until they eventually begin to use the fresh and clean pellet litter box. They also suggest to place a urine clump or turd from the traditional litter box in the pellet litter box to affirm to the cat that the pellet litter box is a perfectly acceptable place for your cat to do its business.

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✅ Best Improved Roll ‘n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box

Buy one for an easier freakin life! – This product is clearly mass-produced, which is fine, but the quality control is lax. If yours doesn’t fit together right, either give it the extra push (or quick shave with a scissors blade, box cutter, et cetera) it needs to fit together, or return it. For something that doesn’t see good quality control, from a design standpoint everything should fit like a glove.

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✅ Best Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box

Excellent quality materials at a good price – This product is an amazing value. It snaps together and comes apart easily for litter changing, but is very sturdy enough to carefully relocate using the handle. Both the flip-up door and the snap-on hood make scooping a breeze. It’s nice that the front of the box is lowered for easy entry and back wall is raised to prevent urine leakage from the joints. The appearance of the box isn’t too hard on the eyes.

Your cat will need enough litter to dig a hole and bury his excrement. As a result, there should be enough for this function without your cat readily collapsing in the bottom of the box.

So, two inches is insufficient, but some people go beyond, believing that more is always better. You also don’t want to stuff the litter box to the brim with litter. If you put in too much litter, you’ll merely wind up with a mess when your cat kicks litter out of the litter box and all over the floor.

The second issue your cat could have with too much litter is the same difficulty you can experience while walking on sand dunes. If your cat seems wobbly on her feet, she may be turned off. Some cats, such as long-haired cats, may prefer less litter and the ability to make touch with the bottom of the box. Because of the clumps of moist litter that will adhere to the bottom of the box, you should avoid doing this whenever possible. However, if you’re using a lot of litter and your cat refuses to use the litter box, try using less litter.

A litter box with beautiful high sides might assist if your cat is nimble and big enough. This will give you more area for litter and prevent it from being kicked out of the box as readily.

How Much Litter Should I Put in the Box?

A decent quantity of litter, in general, is anywhere from three to five inches of scoopable litter scattered evenly in the box. This is plenty for your cat to perform their business without leaving litter all over the place.

Keep the litter box level topped up and distribute the litter out evenly as you scoop, providing a beautifully clean and flat litter surface for your cat.

More Cats Mean More Litter?

Simply because you have more cats does not necessitate the addition of extra litter to the litter box. You’ll run into the same issues. Additional litter boxes will be required if you have more cats. Two cats may often share a litter box, although it is never ideal. It’s preferable to have two, and you’ll almost certainly need two, so each can can use one. It is typically advised to have one extra litter box than the number of cats. As a result, if you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes. Although this may be impractical for most of us, aim to have one litter box for each cat.

Cats will sometimes devise their own systems. They may use all (or all) of the litter boxes in the home, or they can set one apart for urine and one for excrement.

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✅ Best Cat Litter Box For Multiple Cats

Best automated box out there – ‘It is super easy and has super minimal parts to clean. My cat took to it right away. The smell is completely contained. I only have to empty it once a week, at most. The box design is highly space-efficient and I can store things on top of it. It’s clearly made really well and is extremely quiet. It’s best to use clumping litter and you can use your own trash bags for the trash bin.’

Recommended Clumping Litter

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter

This clay litter is one of the top choices, and it is most likely the top-selling clay litter. The first sort of litter to hit the market was clay litter. Previously, plain sand was used in litter boxes. Although there are many various kinds of litter available nowadays, many of them are not liable and so need a lot more effort from the cat’s mentality. Although your cat may prefer a paper, wheat, maize, or pine-based litter, clay is the closest similar to what your cat would normally choose in the wild—a sandy loose soil. All of the luxury litters promise to be healthier for your cat, but the only thing we can be sure of is that they make people feel better because of feel-good marketing. In any event, let your cat be your guide.

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✅ Best Instant Cat Litter Sand

Top 3 of Litter You Will Not Go Wrong – ‘The bang for your buck is great and better than what you will receive with many of the other brands and types of litter. It has great smelling and clumps like it say. This has reduced the smell of my cat a 100 fold. This product will last a minimum of a week with a top off before you need to clean the box.’

Do Cats Eat Clay Litter?

Many cat care experts advise against using clay litter since cats ingest it and may get unwell as a result. Some even claim that all cats will consume clay litter. This is a farce. If your cat consumes non-food items such as clay litter, they may suffer from an eating problem known as pica. This is referred regarded as nondiscretionary eating by vets. This is exceptional, although it has happened in both cats and dogs. If this happens, it might be very hazardous to your cat’s intestines and kidneys.

Two Meows Litter Box – Recommended

The Two Meows Cat Litter Box With Kitty Litter Scatter Control has a detachable open-top side as well as a built-in perforated ledge in the front to assist gather litter from your cat’s paws. This also helps to reduce litter dispersal caused by zealous litter utilization.

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