How Does Automatic Toilet Work For Cats? CatGenie: Review & FAQs

How Does Automatic Toilet Work For Cats? CatGenie: Review & FAQs

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How Does Catgenie Work?

Buying an automatic CatGenie cat toilet will change your life before and after because you no longer have to remove the dirty filler. This is a decent alternative to cat trays, which you will be happy with. Instead of the standard filler special washing granules which do not need replacement are used. The CatGenie automatic toilet is connected to electricity, sewage, and cold water, eliminating the need for intervention on your part.

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After the cat goes to the toilet, the toilet cleaning procedure is activated. As part of its implementation, liquid waste flows into the tank, and solid is collected with a spatula, then ground and together with liquid waste into the sewer. Then the granules are washed with water with a special shampoo and dried with warm air. Immediately after that, the toilet is ready for reuse. The cleaning process takes no longer than 30 minutes.

The detailed mechanism of operation of the CatGenie automatic cat toilet:

  1. First, you need to connect the device to a source of cold water, sewer, and electricity. In the kit, you will find all the necessary adapters and hoses that will be needed during installation. You do not have to buy anything separately. In addition, you will not even need special tools, and the kit includes detailed instructions;
  2. The design contains cleaning granules, thanks to which your pet will always feel comfortable. Granules are absolutely safe both for your pet, and for the environment;
  3. Liquid waste is immediately washed into the holes provided by the design, so you will not be disturbed by an unpleasant odor;
  4. Solid waste is removed with a special spatula, then crushed and into the sewer;
  5. The next step is to supply clean water to the tank. The device automatically washes the pellets and the tray. High-quality cleaning is facilitated by the use of a special shampoo, which is served automatically at the right time;
  6. The shampoo thoroughly washes the granules, as well as the tray itself, which eliminates the unpleasant odor;
    All waste, including soapy water, enters the sewer. They are pumped out by the connected hose;
  7. The final stage is drying the pellets and the tray with hot air. After that, the toilet can be reused.

The automatic toilet is capable to work in several modes which should be selected taking into account personal preferences:

  1. Switch on manually by pressing the “Start” key;
  2. Use in automatic mode, when the device becomes active at a certain time several times a day (all parameters are set in advance);
  3. Cat mode, in which cleaning begins 10 minutes after the cat has done its work. Special sensors are used for this purpose. This is the best method that will not only be more convenient for you but also reduces the consumption of shampoo by half.

Installing CatGenie

At first glance, it may seem that installing a smart CatGenie toilet in an apartment is quite a difficult task, which involves a number of unsolvable problems. But in reality, this is not the case. Installation is easy to handle yourself or use our offer for a free connection.

Dimensions of the equipment:

  • Height – 53 cm (included with the cartridge);
  • Width – 49 cm;
  • The length of the product reaches 76 cm (taking into account space under the drain hose).

Dimensions of the base:

  • Width – 70 cm;
  • Length – 70 cm.

From this, it follows that the automatic toilet will take up no more space than the average cat tray. And the connection will take no more than 10 minutes of your time, after which you can forget about the need to replace the filler.

Coldwater, a standard 220V socket, and a sewer where the waste will be pumped out are required for installation. They can also be flushed down the toilet. Complete with the device you will find all the hoses you need to connect, as well as adapters. You will need to connect it to cold water, plug it in, and then lower the waste drain hose to the drain pipe or directly to the toilet.

The algorithm for installing an automatic toilet will be as follows:

  • Turn off the cold water supply, for which you need to turn on the main tap;
  • Unscrew the hose in which water circulates and screw the adapter to it with an additional hole, which you will find complete with the device;
  • A hose for cold water supply is attached to it;
  • The CatGenie hose is screwed to the additional hole, after which the main water supply hose is unscrewed;
    The drain hose is lowered into the toilet. The automatic toilet is ready to work, it is necessary to include it only in the socket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Suitable For An Automatic Toilet?

CatGenie can be used simultaneously for several cats or dogs of small breeds.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying Catgenie?

This is the only decent alternative to fillers that will make your life much easier and more comfortable. This is the same as doing without a washing machine. You can wash by hand, but how much time and effort it takes. The same here, because you do not have to deal with the replacement and purchase of filler. You will no longer be bothered by dirt and odors. The device will save your time and health – the most important thing in our lives.

How Does An Automatic Toilet Work?

CatGenie does not require a filler. He was replaced by more technological cleaning granules, which do not need to be replaced. And your pet will not even feel the difference between them and the usual filler. The device is connected to water, sewage, and electricity. Each time, after your pet has done his job, the cleaning procedure is activated.

It can work in several modes, among which you will find the best option. Liquid waste immediately flows into the tank and is sent to the sewer, while the solid is collected with a spatula, ground, and then follows the same path. The granules are cleaned with water with the addition of shampoo, dried, and then the toilet can be reused. All processes take place automatically and do not require your participation.

Where Is Catgenie Manufactured?

All CatGenie automatic toilets, regardless of the country where you purchased them, are made in China by the Israeli company PetNovations. The production is subject to strict quality control, so the product is approved by many veterinarians. In addition, it has a 12-month warranty. All consumables are manufactured in Israel.

What Types Of Catgenie Are Available For Sale?

There are two modifications to the automatic toilet – CatGenie 60 and CatGenie 120. The first is obsolete and no longer available. CatGenie 120 is an improved modification that can be purchased from us on the most attractive terms. We also sell all the necessary consumables for it.

Is There Any Noise During Catgenie Operation?

It takes about 30 minutes to completely clean the toilet, of which 26 are a slight noise, similar to the purring of a cat, and the remaining 4 minutes, there is a noise no louder than from the washing machine.

Is An Automatic Toilet Capable Of Collecting All The Waste?

The device can process both liquid and solid waste, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You will no longer encounter a dirty filler, which gives off an unpleasant odor.

In What Modes Does The Device Work?

There are several scenarios for CatGenie, including:

  • Manual, to start which you need to press the “Start” key;
  • Programmed cleaning modes at certain time intervals;
  • Cat mode, in which cleaning is turned on 10 minutes after your pet goes to the toilet. This reduces the consumption of shampoo.

Is It Allowed To Install An Automatic Toilet In Small Apartments?

The device takes up no more space than a regular cat tray. At a distance of up to 2 meters from the installation, the site should be a socket, a source of cold water, and a toilet (sewer). For CatGenie there will be a place even in a small bathroom, with the placement of a toilet there will be no problems.

Can My Cat Get Used To The Automatic Toilet?

Cats are extremely tidy animals, so they should be positive about such an acquisition. But if your pet has difficulty mastering a new toilet, then on our website you will find detailed instructions for adaptation.

Are The Walls And The Housing Cover Included Or Purchased Separately?

Unfortunately, they are not found in the standard configuration. They are available only in the “All at once” version, which can be ordered at an additional discount on our website. If desired, you can buy them later, because they are sold separately.

Where To Watch Videos About The Work And Installations Of Catgenie?

Videos can be found in the relevant section of our site and on YouTube video hosting, where there is a large number of videos on this topic.

Is It Allowed To Use Regular Shampoo And Filler?

Granules and cartridges with shampoo are designed specifically for the automatic toilet. They can not be replaced with regular shampoo. The usual filler can not be poured in any case. This may damage the equipment or even damage it. If you use shampoos not intended for CatGenie, the warranty service of the device is canceled.

Does Catgenie Affect Your Health?

With the purchase of CatGenie, you will no longer have to deal with dirt, bacteria, and odors. This makes the product safe for people with poor immunity, children, pregnant women, and those suffering from allergies and asthma.

Is Catgenie Harmless To The Environment?

Poor quality filters can be toxic and dangerous to your pet and the environment, not to mention CatGenie pellets and shampoos. They are created taking into account all quality requirements and are an environmentally friendly product, confirmed by official certificates. If the capsule enters the sewer, it decomposes completely after 9 months.

Can I Order An Automatic Toilet Connection From You?

Yes, we offer free installation by our specialists so that you do not have to worry about it. As a rule, the process takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Do You Need A Plumber To Install Catgenie?

As practice shows, in most cases, the installation of equipment is easy to handle yourself. The kit has everything you need for this, and if you are not sure that you will cope with this task, you can take advantage of free installation from our experts.

Where Is Catgenie Recommended?

The automatic toilet can be located in any room where there is a possibility of connection to water, the socket, and the sewerage. The ideal option is a bathroom, toilet, or laundry. The main thing is that your pet has free access to this place and feels comfortable.

Is It Allowed To Install An Automatic Toilet In Small Apartments?

The device takes up no more space than a regular cat tray. At a distance of up to 2 meters from the installation, the site should be a socket, a source of cold water, and a toilet (sewer). For CatGenie there will be a place even in a small bathroom, with the placement of a toilet there will be no problems.

Can My Cat Get Used To The Automatic Toilet?

Cats are extremely tidy animals, so they should be positive about such an acquisition. But if your pet has difficulty mastering a new toilet, then on our website you will find detailed instructions for adaptation.

How Long Will It Take For The Cat To Adapt?

Each cat has a unique character and habits, this must be taken into account. Therefore, each cat needs a different amount of time to adapt. In exceptional cases, the process takes about a week, but usually, the pet begins to get along with the new toilet at the first contact.

Is It Possible To Buy One Automatic Toilet For Several Cats?

The toilet can be used simultaneously for 3-4 cats. If they are already used to going to the same toilet, then no difficulties should arise. It will be even easier for kittens to get used to CatGenie.

Is The Catgenie Automatic Toilet Safe For Cats?

The device is safe for cats and cats because it was created especially for them and has passed numerous tests before going on sale. As proof of this – hundreds of satisfied reviews from pet owners who have already tried the invention.

Is It Dangerous If A Cat Swallows Pellets?

Granules are constructed from safe synthetics and are not toxic that favorably distinguishes them in comparison with the majority of fillers. The pellets are smooth, so even if a cat accidentally swallows them, it will easily leave his digestive system with food.

Is SaniSolution shampoo harmless?

The shampoo, like all other accessories, has been tested and is safe for pets.

What Happens If The Cleaning Procedure Starts When The Cat Is In The Toilet?

The design provides motion sensors that block the cleaning process while your pet is in the toilet. Cleaning begins only 10 minutes after your cat leaves the device.

Will The Cleaning Procedure Frighten The Cat?

Cats are extremely inquisitive, so they will even be interested in watching this process. In addition, they will associate it with a perfectly clean toilet. Animals especially like warm dried pellets, and some even sleep on them.

Will The Pet Have To Go To The Wet Toilet?

Your cat will always feel comfortable due to the fact that after each visit to the toilet the pellets are completely dry.

How Often Do You Need To Change The Pellets?

The granules are reusable, so they do not need to be replaced. They are self-cleaning, so you only need to monitor their number. This is because they sometimes cling to solid waste and are flushed down the drain. According to statistics, the packaging of granules is enough for 6-12 months.

Is Filler Allowed?

Granules are intended for an automatic toilet. The use of ordinary filler is prohibited, as it will cause the device to malfunction.

Do The Pellets Clog The Sewer?

No, because they get into it in small quantities.

How Much Is 1 Cartridge Enough?

One cartridge is enough for 120 cycles in standard mode and 240 in “Cat” mode. You will receive a warning about the need to replace the cartridge when the shampoo remains in it for only 10 cycles. You can buy a new cartridge on our website

Can I Refill The Cartridge Myself?

No, it is disposable, so if necessary, buy a new one.

How Do I Dispose Of A Used Cartridge?

The used cartridge does not require disposal. It can be thrown away with other rubbish. It is harmless to the environment.


The CatGenie automatic toilet is the best choice for those who value comfort and care for their pet. You take off some of the hassles, but the pet will always go to a perfectly clean toilet.


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