How Can I Stop My Cat From Scratching? Steps Helpful For You To Train Cats How And When To Scratch Or Declaw (2021)

Just as it is normal for us to comb our hair, it is equally normal for a cat to scratch. This helps the cat in conditioning the claws as well as exercising the body. It is also a major symbol for another cat not to come in the territory of the ruling (read scratching) cat.

So, the way we cannot(or should not) stop combing our hair, in the same way we should not stop our cats from scratching. Rather,we should focus all our energies on how to make it pleasureable for the cat as well as painless for you. Following tips will come handy in training your cat how and when to scratch.

Understand the cat’s scratching preferences by studying the objects your cats generally scratch. Make a note of their location, their texture and their height. Is the surface rugged or soft and mushy? Is their something peculiar about it’s location? Make out all you can about your cat’s preferences and try to follow it.

Now, go ahead and find similar objects, like the one your cat likes scratching on. Place them at a nearby location where it is easily accessible by the cat.

Slowly, you can shift the location of the new object away from the rescued object, but do not move more than a few inches at a time.

The most important step is to divert the attention of the cat from the rescued object (your precious sofa set). You may place objections in it’s path by using sticky tape, aluminum foil, sheets of sandpaper, old bed sheets or by using a strongly scented perfume.

Continue using the repelling trick until the cat has consistently started using the new object and has no mood to climb abck on the rescued object. Declawing The Cat Before you take such a major decision as declawing, it is required that you study it’s pro and cons carefully so that later you may not have to regret your decision. It has been found that declawing is not good for cats. Apart from being physically painful , it is also psychologically painful for the animal.

If we have failed to teach the animal to use the scratching post, it is our failure, and not the failure of the cat. So, before you give in, give it your full try. Remember, you can try it only once and if you fail, your cat will have to face so much torture. If all attempts fail and the cat is impossible to train, you may get her declawed if your only alternative is to throw her out of the home.

It will be less painful for the cat if you only get her front claws declawed. The choice of the vet is of prime importance. Choose an experienced and committed surgeon who uses advanced technology. It will be very painful for your cat to adjust to the new situation.

So, you should give her your time, attention and loads and loads of love and concern. Get her checked after a week to ascertain that there are no complications whatsoever. It becomes your duty to protect your cat afterwards as she will no longer be able to defend herself.

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