How Can I Not Make My Cat Upset When Going Out Together? Tips You Might Be Desperate: Traveling With Your Cat

gray tabby cat in yellow and black hand-case backpack

How Can I Not Make My Cat Upset When Going Out Together? Tips You Might Be Desperate: Traveling With Your Cat

gray tabby cat in yellow and black hand-case backpack

It can be fun going out with your cat. The lovely kitty will keep you occupied in your journey plus you won’t feel bad about leaving her alone. So, there will not be any guilt conscience in your mind and you will be enjoying your trip with a full heart.

But, it is a well accepted fact that cats, if given a choice, will never prefer to go out on a journey, and that too along with you. It’s as much terrible for her as it is for you. But there are a few points which you need to keep in mind before venturing out on a journey with your feline.

The first and foremost thing is to get a soft, cozy and mushy crate to put your cat into. The size of the box should not either be too large or too small. It should be just the right size so that your companion feels relaxed in it and at the same time should not be so large that your companion feels lost in it.

Do not wait to go out and then place the crate in your car, open the box and place it in your house, at a place where it is easily accessible by the kitty. Now, keep some really yummy treats inside the box for her. But do not ever force her to go inside he box as she will assume it has to be some fishy business. Let her get accustomed to the crate as per her own inclination.

Let that crate stay on in the house and let your cat get habitual to it. Keep hiding some treats in the crate on and off and let your cat discover it on her own. DO NOT interfere in any other way. Slowly, your kitty will make it a habit to stay in the crate for some part of her day. She may venture inside the crate frequently for finding the hidden goodies.

Whenever you want to take your cat out, you have to act smart at the right moment, just close the lid of the crate when you find your kitty inside.

Alternately, you can also buckle the cat in the car, the way you do to a small child. But the benefit of this method is strongly contested and some people say that it is a cruel practice. On the other hand, another group of people feel that at least it is safe for the cat.

A cat enclosed in a crate would try to create as much nuisance for as she possibly can, but you have to stay calm. But that does not in the least mean that you neglect your cat. If she moans for more than 20 minutes, call up her vet immediately, explain all her symptoms and ask for advice. You may have to give her some tranquiliser shots so that she stays calm.

One thing that you should absolutely keep in mind is that you should never open lid before reaching the destination, not even to feed the cat. Expect your cat to straight away jump out of the crate when ever you open it. So, do not risk opening the lid midway and then worrying where the cat has lost.

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