Hollywood Cat Dads: The Most Handsome Celebrities who Adore Cats

celebrity cute boys with cats

Hollywood Cat Dads: The Most Handsome Celebrities who Adore Cats

celebrity cute boys with cats

Hello, fellow feline enthusiasts, it’s Ashley here, your go-to cat mum! Today, we’re doing something a bit different. Instead of focusing on our beloved four-legged friends, we’re shining the spotlight on the hunky cat-loving men of Hollywood.

Believe it or not, our favorite stars don’t just spend their time on glamorous movie sets and red carpet events. Many of them love nothing more than cuddling up with their purr-fect pals at the end of a long day. Cats and celebrities – it’s a match made in heaven, don’t you think?

So, put your paws up, and get ready to swoon over these handsome celebrities who hold a special place in their hearts for cats. Maybe you’ll even find some inspiration for your next movie night – I mean, who doesn’t love the thought of Chris Hemsworth or Robert Downey Jr. petting a cute kitty during their breaks?

celebrity cute boys with cats

Alright, my cat-loving comrades, let’s dive into this list of dashing celebs and their adorable feline friends!

  1. Ian Somerhalder: The ‘Vampire Diaries’ actor is known for his love for cats. He often shares photos of his cats on social media, and even started the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to help educate people about the importance of protecting animals and the environment.
  2. Ed Sheeran: The famous singer-songwriter is a self-proclaimed cat lover and has two cats of his own named Calippo and Dorito. He often shares adorable pictures of them on his Instagram account, saying, “If you don’t like cats, we probably won’t get along.”
  3. Chris Hemsworth: The ‘Thor’ actor is often seen with his cat on his Instagram account. He’s even quoted as saying that he enjoys the peaceful company of his cat while reading scripts for his upcoming movies.
  4. James Franco: The actor, filmmaker, and college instructor has shown his love for cats on multiple occasions. He once shared on a talk show that he grew up with cats and still has a couple of them.
  5. Russell Brand: The comedian and actor is a proud cat dad. He often shares posts of his cats on social media, claiming that “Cats are better than dogs and human beings.”
  6. Michael Fassbender: The ‘X-Men’ actor shared in an interview that he had a childhood cat named ‘Top Cat’, who he adored.
  7. Ricky Gervais: The actor and comedian is often seen advocating for animal rights. He is a proud cat parent and often shares photos of his furry friend on his social media channels.
  8. Justin Bieber: The pop singer has two cats, Sushi and Tuna, who even have their own Instagram account. Bieber often shares pictures of his cats and expresses his love for them.
  9. Tom Hardy: The ‘Venom’ actor has been seen cuddling kittens on set and has been very vocal about his love for cats.
  10. Robert Downey Jr.: The ‘Iron Man’ actor has a cat named Montgomery, and he has often shared about his love for cats on social media.
  1. Orlando Bloom: The ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor loves his furry friends. He has been photographed numerous times with his cat, and even included his cat in a PETA campaign to promote pet adoption.
  2. Ewan McGregor: The ‘Star Wars’ actor has shared his love for cats on multiple occasions. He even had a special cat friend on the set of ‘Moulin Rouge’.
  3. Kit Harington: The ‘Game of Thrones’ actor is a cat lover and has been seen cuddling with them on and off set. In fact, he was chosen for a cat food commercial early in his career due to his love for cats.
  4. John Travolta: The ‘Grease’ star is a known cat lover. He has several cats at home and often shares pictures of his feline friends on social media.
  5. Antonio Banderas: The actor, who famously voiced Puss in Boots in the ‘Shrek’ series, is also a cat lover in real life. He has a cat of his own and has often been seen cuddling with it.
  6. Jesse Eisenberg: The ‘Social Network’ actor loves cats and has been known to foster cats in need. He has been involved in numerous campaigns to promote the adoption of cats.
  7. Zac Efron: The ‘High School Musical’ star is a cat person. He had a Siamese cat named Simon whom he often talked about in his interviews.
  8. Alain Delon: The classic French film star is a known cat lover and has often been photographed with his feline companions.
  9. George Clooney: The Academy Award-winning actor had a pet cat named Einstein. Clooney adopted Einstein from a pet shelter and often mentioned him in interviews.
  10. Keanu Reeves: The ‘John Wick’ star is also a cat lover. He has shared that growing up, his family had many cats.

These celebrities show us that a love for cats can often give us a glimpse into a softer, more compassionate side of people.

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