Get A Bird Feeder For Your Cat

Looking at the sun

Get A Bird Feeder For Your Cat

Looking at the sun

Cats like watching birds, which is why you should get a bird feeder for your cat. No, not to feed bird seed to the cat, but to attract birds to your garden & yard so your cat may enjoy watching them through the window. Your cat undoubtedly already spends a lot of time peering out the window at his territory. Some of that time is spent observing and responding to birds.

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✅ Best Heavy Duty All Metal Finishing Bird Feeders for Mix Seed Blends

Easy to fill and clean – The birds really seem to love it and it’s easy to refill with seeds. The only thing to have a bigger dish at the bottom. The birds make a mess when they perch on the side of the feeder so you have to clean up after them.

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✅ Best Wild Bird Feeder Metal Frame for Outdoor Decoration

Adorable & well made – Adorable bird feeder! Well made, easy to fill, birds (and squirrels) love it. Would make a great gift as well – would recommend this product. There was nothing to dislike about this adorable bird feeder.

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✅ Best One-Way Mirror Bird Feeder, Easy to Fill and Clean

Great entertainment – Such a great product! Your cat sits and watches the feeder for most of the day and loves to jump to the windowsill every now and then to scare a bird away. Tip: use a window that can be opened, or is next to a window that is easily opened to simplify refilling. Also, you may want to place it so it rests on the bottom lip of your window to help take some of the stress off of the suction cups. It has never fallen completely, but a few instances after re-attaching it to the window after cleaning, one of the suction cups released and it was lopsided. This is solved by letting it rest on the lip of the window. Very happy with this purchase!

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✅ Best Nature Gear Pure View Hanging Window Bird Feeder 

Great birdwatching! – Love it! This feeder allows great viewing of the birds. The birds already love it too! It’s very sturdy and made well. We sprinkled some seed along the windowsill and about 5-6 feet out on the ground all around. The birds found it within a day!

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✅ Best Weatherproof Polycarbonat Window Bird Feeder

Awesome bird feeder – love this bird feeder. It took a little while for the birds to give it a try . I get small finches, sparrows, Cardinals and bluejays. It’s easy to clean as the food tray is removable. It is VERY sturdy , it holds the weight of squirrels who figured out how to get on it. For install, cleaned the window and suction cups with rubbing alcohol, then immediately attached the bird feeder to the window while still damp. It has great suction and hold.

A bird feeder near your cat’s favorite window may keep her entertained for hours.

And, while your cat is enthralled by the birds, you may be charmed by the strange chattering sounds she produces and publish a YouTube video of her strange mouth thing.

Why Has a Bird Feeder Entertain Cats?

Cats see birds as prey, and when they see them outdoors, they behave as though they are possible prey. Many self-proclaimed cat behaviorists will tell you that observing birds but not being able to capture them is frustrating and damaging to your cat. Cats, on the other hand, soon learn that they cannot capture the birds and will sit down to watch them, sometimes for hours. There is no suggestion that this is anything more than a cat’s way of having fun, even if it is calming and enjoyable. You like watching television. Your cat, on the other hand, enjoys watching birds. And if the birds see the cat, they will realize they are secure as well. The more interesting activities you provide for your cat, the happier and healthier your cat will be, without developing the behavioral disorders that might result from an unsatisfying environment.

Once you’ve installed your bird feeder, you may want to consider installing a window hammock or cat perch in the window so he or she can enjoy their activity in luxury.

You may, of course, find that squirrels take advantage of the bird feeder. But your cat will love the squirrels. There are solutions for keeping squirrels out of bird feeders you can try.

No Birdfeeder for Indoor/Outdoor Cats

A bird feeder will be a terrific resource for the local birds, and you may enjoy watching them as well. However, if your cat walks outside and is a competent hunter, a bird feeder will essentially be tempting songbirds to their demise. This is cruel, and even if it does not upset you, you will most likely not love all the little bird corpses your cat brings to the door. Bird feeders are thus exclusively for indoor cats!

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