7 Famous Felines You Need To Know: Cats From Literatures And Surprising Stories

Some Famous Cats in Fact and Fiction Cheshire cat.The famous cat invented by Lewis Carroll in his novel ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Felix.The most recognisable cat; created in Pat Sullivan’s cartoon strip series “Felix the Cat.” Garfield.Striped and bulgy-eyed comic strip cat which became a phenomenon for it’s frank and pinching talks. Loves troubling his own master Jon and fellow family pet Odie, the dog.

Hodge.Pet of the literary giant Dr. Samuel Johnson. Dr. Johnson loved his cat so much so that he fed him oysters handpicked by himself.

Morris.Orange-colored cat that thronged the television commercials.

Muessa.The favorite cat of Mohammed. It is said that Mohammed cut his own robe rather than disturb the cat, which was sleeping on it.

Pink Panther.Star of the 1964 movie ‘The Pink Panther’. He is soft, cute, witty and a great friend of humans.

Selima.Pet of Horace Walpole. Thomas Gray wrote a poem on her “Ode on the Death of a Favorite Cat Drowned in a Tub of Goldfish.”

Slippers.Pet cat of President Theodore Roosevelt, she was privileged to be present at state parties.

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