Do They Imply Bad Luck? Signs About Black Cats That You Didn’t Know About!

Do They Imply Bad Luck? Signs About Black Cats That You Didn't Know About!

Do They Imply Bad Luck? Signs About Black Cats That You Didn’t Know About!

Do They Imply Bad Luck? Signs About Black Cats That You Didn't Know About!

Black cats have always been the subject of controversy among superstitious people, we have picked up signs for you about black cats that you have definitely not heard of.

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Cats are intelligent and affectionate creatures. In Egypt, they are revered, and there they are considered holy animals. We know this and we love our cats very much too. But there are special cats – black. We are afraid of them, we are wary of them and do not trust them.

The magic is simple – in the dark, he is not visible, but only his eyes, if he looks around, and does not sleep. These cats are also different: fluffy, smooth-haired, with different eye colors, but they are united by the fact that they all promise personal misfortune, misfortune, and evil events. At least that’s what they said a long time ago.

The Most Famous Signs About Black Cats

The inner world of each creature is unique, so one cat necessarily differs from another in its habits, manners, and sometimes even taste (there may be different food preferences). As for the black cat: many writers are attracted by its image. She can be remembered when in the novel you need some kind of bandit or bandit (one who actively participates in the tricks of evil forces over our world with you).

The most famous sign about black cats is this: if a black cat crosses your path, then this is in trouble with you. In ancient Ireland, on the contrary, they believed that this event was, fortunately. Today, many say: “This cat ran because I like you”, well, they come up with something like that.

Lesser-Known Signs

  • if during a strong thunderstorm, there is such an animal with you in the house, then immediately send it outside. Lightning can flash next to him, as a sign of the presence of a great otherworldly force. It was not enough for this lightning to hit your house;
  • if you want to have such a kitten in the house, then think carefully before that: can you coexist with him? Will you be able to compete with him energetically, because if his strength is greater than yours (this concerns character and beauty), then evil will prevail. The cat will begin to live its own life, but sooner or later you will get into some kind of trouble, or you will become unhappy;

The positive thing about keeping cats black is that some people consider them a talisman. And all because if a person is afraid of him, then he begins to behave more carefully. Maybe he will not let everyone into the house, maybe his intuition will strengthen and he will not leave this house at the right time.

These cats also have a healing talent, only they treat something else: mental disorders and various diseases in infants and the elderly. If such a cat began to live at home, then the relationship of the lovers will begin to improve. Great luck is promised in the house where she herself came. In no case do not drive it back – leave it at home, or find a good owner in the near future. Otherwise, fate will stop giving you any gifts.

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