Do Not Judge Symptoms As A Mere Allergy: Diagnosis & Treatment Of Cat Asthma And Bronchitis (2021)

Asthma And Bronchitis

There are certain stimulant which lead to allergic response whenever a certain being is exposed to it. But not all cats are allergic to same stimulant. Exposure to these stimulants can lead to narrowing of the airways. This generally leads to problems in the breathing.

This can lead to a number of secondary infections which may make the resistance of the body weak. The most common problem with cat could be difficulty in breathing as they have to do a lot of workout during expiration. Some of the common observations during this problem is coughing, wheezing and sneezing. In this disease, the airways become hyper sensitive and can lead to a number of problems once they come in contact with the specific allergen.

The most common allergen known to have caused problem is dust, specifically old dust. Other scented products such as room freshener, perfumes, soaps and other cosmetics. cts can also be commonly allergic to Pollen grains or mold.


Diagnosis of the exact source of allergy is not a very simple process. It involves elimination process whereby other causes are eliminated to come to he exact conclusion. At the initial stage, we need to have complete blood count, blood chemistries, fecal exam and urinalysis.

They may eliminate a number of causes even if they are negative and if at all they come out to be positive, you know the root of the cause. In some cats, we may also want to check for heartworm but this is not recommended for all breeds of cats, only for those breeds which are more susceptible to this disease.

A chest X – ray should also be done. Any particular modifications in the lungs of the animal can be accessed through radiography. The mucus of the cat should be properly diagnosed.


It should be carefully understood that Asthma is not a simple ailment like Fever but it is a problem that continues, most of the times, with you. But this does not mean that it cannot be guarded. In fact, it can be properly kept under control if certain precautions are carefully followed.

Carefully study as to what factors are known to trigger allergic reaction in your kitty. The next step is to take care that you avoid using such products and/or avoid going to such places where the allergens can possibly be found.

Do not use highly scented room fresheners, soaps and conditioners as they may aggravate the condition.

Give you cat, the complete dose of medicine at regular intervels. The regular you are , the faster would be the recovery.

Tell your cat’s veterinarian about other diseases your pet may be suffering from. This may affect the whole treatment and the medications taken.

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