Do Cats Groom During Cold Winter? Importance, Stages, And Interesting Features You Must Read

Do Cats Groom During Cold Winter? Importance, Stages, And Interesting Features You Must Read

Winter grooming of cats is not only an opportunity to make your pet more beautiful but also one of the best ways to increase the comfort of the animal, its safety. This procedure must be performed before the start of the cold season. With the rapid growth of hair will have to repeat it during the winter.

Grooming in winter – why deprive cats of wool?

In the natural environment in early autumn, cats begin to gradually shed their fur. Shedding is necessary in order for the body to be covered with a new, higher-quality wool cover before the cold season. The updated coat helps animals to protect themselves from severe frosts and survive the cold outside.

So why deprive pets of what nature has given them? The fact is that the new fluffy coat in place of the old is formed only in street cats. Something else happens with pets: they also begin to shed in the fall and continue to lose their hair until spring. This is due to space heating. Elevated temperature in its own way affects the animal’s body, making him think that the yard and garden is not winter but spring.

Thus, the molting of a pet can last up to six months. It is inconvenient both for the cat (it is necessary to lick the falling fur constantly) and for its owners (in a plate of New Year’s Olivier it is possible to meet unexpectedly a fur). That is why winter grooming is strongly recommended for experienced felinologists.

Stages of winter grooming

Before the cold season, you can cut the cat completely. The health of an animal deprived of all its fur is immediately in danger of deteriorating. Usually, winter grooming involves cutting the areas where the coat is as fluffy and soft (ears, abdomen, area under the tail). Professional removal of excess down is carried out in several stages:

  1. Thorough combing of hair all over the body;
  2. Haircut and hair removal;
  3. Hygienic cleaning of ears, eyes, teeth;
  4. Claw haircut;
  5. Bath procedures.

As for bath procedures – it is highly undesirable to perform them on your own in the winter. If you pay attention to the behavior of your pet this season, you will notice that he is much less likely to lick his hair. This is due to natural law – wet wool does not retain heat. Any minor stretch in which a cat has just bathed can lead to the development of disease. Therefore, in winter it is better to limit combing hair and hygienic treatment of ears, eyes, claws.

How to cut a cat in winter?

All types of cat haircuts are divided into hygienic, creative, and model. The latter type of wool treatment is in great demand in the summer or before the animal show. It is dangerous to cut a pet in winter. In winter, preference should be given to the hygienic treatment of wool. It involves reducing the fur to about 3-5 mm.

This length is comfortable for the cat and provides proper heat transfer. You can improve the image with a creative haircut of cats (in the photo an example of the work of VetGroom experts). This original design of the coat will not affect the well-being of the pet, but will significantly lift the spirits of its owners.

Winter grooming is, first of all, the comfort of a pet, as well as your peace and cleanliness in the house. The procedure is performed by professional groomers who know how to approach each animal. You can find such professionals in VetGroom.

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