Do All Cats Hate Getting Wet? If You Want To Bring A Cat But Concerned About Bath These Are 5 Breeds That Love Water

Do All Cats Hate Getting Wet? If You Want To Bring A Cat But Concerned About Bath These Are Breeds That Love Water

It is believed that cats and water are incompatible. This is only partly true. Many pets really don’t like getting wet, but there are those who are delighted at the sight of a full bath. The main lovers of water treatments are listed in this article!

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Maine Coon

Until the 19th century, these cats were considered wild animals, their domestication took place gradually under the influence of natural factors. The historical homeland of large fluffy pets is the American state of Maine, 80% of which is occupied by dense forests. To quench their thirst, the inhabitants of the woodland had to constantly rake leaves and look for puddles. This skill is transmitted at the genetic level. The modern Maine Coon, seeing water, also begins to joyfully row it with his paw.


Hairless cats appeared 50 years ago as a result of selection. A feature of the breed is the ability to sweat in the heat. To make your pet smell good, you have to wash it regularly from early childhood. Sphinxes are not afraid of water due to frequent contact with it. The degree of love for water treatments is different. Some sphinxes swim with pleasure, other animals just patiently wait for the owner to wash off the shampoo from them.

Angora cat

Another young breed developed in the second half of the 20th century. Individuals of ancient breeds from the vicinity of Ankara participated in the selection process. Angora cats are very attached to their owners, they repeat everything after them. If you wash the dishes, your pet will put its paw under the tap. If the owner decided to soak in the bathtub, the animal will also try to climb into it.

Japanese bobtail

Tailless cats have lived in Japan for thousands of years, but they were recognized as a separate breed only in 1968. The islands have been the habitat of these animals since antiquity. The genetic memory is alive, the bobtail is not afraid of rain and waves, loves fish and seafood. If there is an aquarium in the house, the animal will certainly try to catch its inhabitants.

Abyssinian cat

The breed was bred in the UK, but the ancestors of these animals lived in the hot climates of Asia and Africa. Perhaps that is why Abyssinian cats are always happy with cool water. Many pets enjoy swimming in the bathtub, play with toys in filled basins. The ward should be taught to swim gradually. Abyssinians are stubborn, if the cat does not like something during the first wash, he can forever abandon water procedures.

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