Crazy or Cute? Why Your Cat Brings You Dead Creatures

cat hunting bringing dead gifts

Crazy or Cute? Why Your Cat Brings You Dead Creatures

cat hunting bringing dead gifts

Hey there, fellow cat enthusiasts! Ashley here, sharing some adorable, albeit slightly gruesome, anecdotes and insights about our beloved feline companions.

I still remember the first time my furball of love, Tigger, brought me a “gift.” As I sat enjoying my morning coffee, Tigger strutted in, head held high, collar bell jingling with pride, proudly presenting me with—a dead bird. The aftermath involved a lot of careful clean-up, disinfecting, and a touch of mild horror.

Whether you classify this behavior as crazy or cute, let’s explore why our feline friends have a knack for presenting us with dead creatures, shall we?


Cats are natural hunters, having descended from wild cats that had to hunt to survive. Even with an abundant food supply at home, they’ll still engage in predatory behavior because of their inbuilt instincts.


Catching and delivering prey to their human companions is often interpreted as a sign of cat affection. Your cat sees you as a member of their family (or colony) and by bringing you ‘gifts’ may be expressing love or care in its own unique way.

cat hunting bringing dead gifts

Showing off their Hunting Skills

Ever notice the proud sway in your cat’s step as they present their catch of the day? This can be their way of demonstrating their hunting prowess, hoping for praise and probably a bit of extra kibble.

Teaching Moment

In the feline world, mother cats often bring prey back to their kittens to teach them hunting skills. When your cat brings you dead prey, they might be saying, “Look, this is how it’s done.” Believe it or not, your cat may think you’re a hopeless hunter and is trying to teach you how to survive.

So, how do we discourage this behavior if it becomes a problem?

Firstly, it’s essential to not punish your pet; after all, they’re following their natural instincts. Here are few strategies, however:

  • More Playtime: Regularly playing with your cat using toys that mimic their prey (like fake mice or feathers on a string) can help satisfy their hunting instincts.
  • Cat Bells: A small bell on their collar might alert potential prey to your cat’s presence, making hunting a bit more challenging.
  • Keep them Indoors during Peak Hunting Times: Cats are most likely to hunt around dawn and dusk. Keeping them indoors during these times can significantly reduce their hunting adventures.

Remember, if your feline friend presents you with a ‘gift,’ it’s not a mischief! It’s a display of their natural instincts, a demonstration of their affection (though a little morbid), and possibly a life lesson – from their perspective at least!

cat hunting bringing dead gifts

Until next time, stay pawsome and a little more informed!
Ashley, the cat mum

Hello, I am cat mum Ashley. This is the personal blog where I share all my love and knowledge of my cats. Stay around and let's have more purrr-fect meowww-moments together!

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