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Do Not Judge Symptoms As A Mere Allergy: Diagnosis & Treatment Of Cat Asthma And Bronchitis

Asthma And Bronchitis There are certain stimulants that lead to allergic response whenever a certain being is exposed to it. But not all cats are allergic to some stimulant. Exposure to these stimulants can lead to narrowing of the airways. This generally leads to problems in breathing. This can lead to a number of secondary […]

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Do You Want To Know How Old Your Pet Is In Human Life? Сomparative Ages Of Cats And Humans

Almost every cat or cat owner wonders how to match the age of a cat to the age of a person. Today we will try to answer this question. It is generally accepted that the age of cats and people are correlated – 1: 7. That is, the easiest way to compare the age of […]

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Are You Planning To Bring Home Another Cat? Tips To Help Their Pleasant Relationship

Cats are loner by nature and do not prefer to mingle with any one else, be it one of their own kind. If you are planning to have another cat at home, make sure that you do it slowly and carefully. It would be helpful to keep these points in mind if you are bent […]

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Time For Proper Nutrition For Your Felines: All About Benefits Of Dry Cat Food

Too many rumors have spread about the usefulness/harm of dry food for our pets. We will tell you about the benefits of dry cat food. The owner decides how to feed the mustachioed ward. However, do not save or buy the wrong cat food, so as not to harm the health of the cat. You […]

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What Should I Do If Cats Do Not Get Relieved By Pain Relief Drugs? Home Remedies For Cats In Pain

Natural remedies for pain relief Cats do not metabolize pain relief drugs well, therefore home remedies for cats are excellent for pain relief. Signs of pain in cats are subtle and hard to notice. Most commonly your cat will be reluctant to move, eat less, and groom more. Some cats also hiss or growl when […]

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How Does Your Cat See The World? Fact & Fiction About Feline’s Eyes

Take a look into those beautiful green eyes. They’ll tell you how your cat is feeling and whether she’s in a good mood or angry about something. But they’re also the eyes of a predator. Everything about your cat’s eyes is designed to help her hunt efficiently. Night Vision Cats’ eyes and humans’ have one […]

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Tracking Your Feral Cat Colony For You And Your Cats’ Health

Biologists and nature lovers track birds and wildlife to assess their overall health, resiliency, migration patterns and the state of their habitat. While cats usually stay close to their food source, tracking a feral cat colony also provides important information for caretakers and researchers. Who’s Out There? Managing a feral cat colony takes more than […]

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Home Remedies And Strategies For Cats With Fleas: Common Parasites But Can Be Dangerous

How to Treat Cats with Fleas? Fleas are extremely common parasites among cats.  And keeping the fleas at bay isn’t all that easy. What makes fleas so incredibly difficult to control is their amazing resilience. One female flea can lay over 2000 eggs during her short life which means an infestation can occur rapidly. Flea […]

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Your Cat Hates Your Grooming? Tips You Should Follow To Have Proper Grooming And Check Her Health

If you are planning to own a cat or even if you already have one, you must get your grooming concepts right. You may have a groomer, but even then, it is necessary to know how to groom your cat so she loves it as much as you do. When you are grooming your cat […]

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Are Your Cats Messing Around The Holiday’s Decorations? Tips For Surviving The Christmas With Your Kitties

Christmas and cats. Some of us get shivers just thinking about it. However, with proper preparation, Christmas can be both safe for the kitties and enjoyable for all of you. These suggestions will make the holidays more enjoyable for the whole family. About That Christmas Tree That large, magnificent tree simply asking to be climbed, […]

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