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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff: Care Guide And Natural Remedies For Cats With Dandruff

Why do cats get dandruff? Like humans, cats may also suffer from dandruff. Dandruff shows as little white specks on the cat’s coat and develop when loose dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin flake off and get caught in the cat’s fur. Dandruff can cause a cat’s coat to appear unsightly […]

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Isn’t It Normal For Cats To Have Furballs? What You Need To Know: Tips To Prevent Hairball Problems

It is normal for cats to have hairballs. It is a natural habit of cats to lick their body. This makes them swallow their own fur. Some of the hair thus swallowed will come out of the body through excretion but some of it may still be left inside the stomach of the cat. Over […]

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What Are The Forbidden Food For Kittens? Tips And Top 3 Brands Recommendations For Feeding A Cat At 1, 2, 6 Months

With the advent of the little furry house, many owners are thinking about how to properly feed the kitten so that it can grow and develop as harmoniously as possible. If learning to swallow, playing, or even training can be dealt with by trial and error, nutritional principles should be approached more thoroughly. Improper eating […]

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What Can You Do To Your Overweight Cat? 6 Ways To Help Your Fat Cat Lose Weight

Your fat cat may look cute and cuddly, but inside that roly-poly exterior is a disaster waiting to happen. Obesity is the most common nutritional problem seen in pets, says veterinarian Susan Little of the Winn Feline Foundation. In an article in Pets Magazine, she says studies show that 40 to 50 percent of cats are overweight. […]

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Ringworm In Kittens: Causes And Signs Of The Disease, Types And How To Treat, Prevention

Has your kitten lost its liveliness and perseverance? Has he lost his appetite and has bald spots on his body? It is possible that the pet has contracted herpes and your pet is not playing and having fun. What shall I do? How to help a pet? How to treat ringworm in kittens, will it […]

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Is Your Cat Being Too Aggressive? Home Remedies To Make Peaceful Days With Felines

Cats can be aggressive for a number of reasons and depending on the cause of aggression, the remedies will vary. Aggression can be triggered by dominance issues. Nervousness and fear may also play a part, especially when there have been changes in the environment. Also, aggression can be related to an inadequate diet. Home remedies […]

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If You Want Your Cat To Live Longer: Cat Health Care Tips You Must Know As A Pet Owner

You may perhaps be the proud proprietor of a lovely pet cat. In the sphere of such occurrence you would consider caring representing the cat and looking in imitation of its fitness to be your reliability. It is crucial representing you to provide little instance and widen a trace of effort on your part to […]

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My Cat Is Too Fat! Possible Health Risks, Home Remedies, And Exercises For Cats With Obesity

Health risks for obese cats Like humans, cats can become obese. Helping your cat lose weight requires discipline and persistence, but there are some home remedies for cats that can assist in the process. Obesity poses serious health risks to cats as extra demand is placed on organs in the body and joints and bones have to […]

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Do Cats And Humans Have Different Abilities In Their Senses? Knowledge You Might Be Curious About Cat’s Five Senses

We understand the humankind around us through our five senses and so organize our cats. Using sight, sound, smell, taste, and come into contact with, we observe, realize, navigate, and experience. Your cat’s senses evolved from folks of the wild cat, a long line of hunters and predators, and are designed instead of the intent […]

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