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How Many Years Do Cats Live? Facts You Should Know For Longevity Of Your Pet

How long do cats live? 8 to 25 years old. It all depends on living conditions, nutrition, breed, and genetic predisposition to longevity. In this article, you will find out how long cats live, depending on 6 different factors, how to extend their life, and what kind of food to choose for this. We will […]

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How Does Automatic Toilet Work For Cats? CatGenie: Review & FAQs

How Does Catgenie Work? Buying an automatic CatGenie cat toilet will change your life before and after because you no longer have to remove the dirty filler. This is a decent alternative to cat trays, which you will be happy with. Instead of the standard filler special washing granules which do not need replacement are […]

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Does Your Cat Seem To Have Difficulty In Moving? Home Remedies For Felines With Arthritis

Natural arthritis treatments Arthritis can be as painful for your cat as it is for humans and, although you won’t be able to cure it, home remedies for cats can help you to manage the condition and make your cat’s life easier. Herbal remedies Herbal remedies are excellent for the treatment of arthritis in cats. […]

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Symptoms And Treatments You Must Know: Home Remedies For Cats With Ear Infection

What are ear infections? There are different types of ear infections. The most common types are infections of the external ear canal and infections of the middle ear. If left untreated, ear infections can lead to more serious problems such as loss of hearing and neurological problems. If a middle ear infection develops, facial paralysis […]

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What Are The Poisonous Plants For My Pet And Tips To Care For A Cat? Basic Knowledge You Must Have

If your pet is sick, you will immediately notice it. This will manifest itself in a lack of appetite, plaintive meow, anxiety, rapid breathing. It is possible that the cat will avoid your attention or be absent-minded and not playful. As soon as the first signs of the disease appear, it is necessary to find […]

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My Cat Sneezes Continuously! Home Remedies And Diet You Should Follow For Felines With Colds

Natural remedies for cat colds If your cat has caught a cold, you can easily relieve the symptoms with home remedies for cats with colds. Symptoms of a cat cold include nasal congestion, sneezing, and discharge of mucus from the eyes and nose. Most infections will clear up on their own within one week if […]

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Cat Food And Diets? Advantages Of 7 Food Types You Should Check

When you go out in the market there are a number of brands of Cat food available in the market. A countless number of questions creeps into our minds as to what all should be done to ensure healthy food for your cat. Is our premium cat food available in the market are worth the […]

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How To Administer Home Remedies To Cats? 3 Types Of Techniques You Can Do

Types of home remedies for cats Home remedies for cats come in a variety of forms. There are freshly chopped, dried, or powdered loose herbs, liquids such as teas and tinctures, tablets or capsules as well as externally applied remedies in compresses and poultices. As most cat owners will know, the challenge is to get […]

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Know More About Your Amazing Felines! Top 5 Physiology And Anatomy Facts About Cat

Body Temperature Feline “normal” body temperature range is 100.5 – 102.5 Fahrenheit (38 – 39.2 Celsius). A body temperature below 100 or above 103F warrants a call to your veterinarian. Cats may become stressed in the veterinary office (or car ride to the office), creating a higher-than-normal body temperature temporarily. Gauging body temperature by the […]

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How Can I Stop My Cat From Scratching? Steps Helpful For You To Train Cats How And When To Scratch Or Declaw

Just as it is normal for us to comb our hair, it is equally normal for a cat to scratch. This helps the cat in conditioning the claws as well as exercising the body. It is also a major symbol for another cat not to come into the territory of the ruling (read scratching) cat. […]

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