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How To Design A Balanced Diet For Healthy Cats? The Nutrients That Your Kitty Needs

They Are What They Eat: A healthy diet for cats, like a healthy diet for humans, needs to be carefully balanced to include the correct nutrients in the correct amounts. But that’s where the similarity between food for humans and cats ends. Cats have unique nutritional requirements and need a diet, either commercial or homemade, […]

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What Meals Should You Give To Your Kitty? Indoor Cat Food Isn’t As Good For Your Cat As You May Think

Indoor cat food is formulated on the premise that cats who stay inside get less exercise than indoor/outdoor or outdoor cats to do and need to consume fewer calories. While this may be true, cats have the same nutritional needs whether they live strictly indoors or spend all their time outside. Protein and fat from […]

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What Are The Types Of Home Remedies For Cats? Administer 3 Types Of Techniques In Correct Way

Home remedies for cats come in a variety of forms. There are freshly chopped, dried, or powdered loose herbs, liquids such as teas and tinctures, tablets or capsules as well as externally applied remedies in compresses and poultices. As most cat owners will know, the challenge is to get your cat to take its medication […]

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Why Your Kitty Don’t Eat Watery Meals? 8 Tips For Switching Your Cat From Dry To Wet Food

Some cats just really love their dry food. I’ve had a few of those myself! But with patience and determination, you can switch a cat from dry to wet food. Just try these suggestions. If your cat eats both wet and dry food now, gradually decrease the amount of dry food she gets and increase […]

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What Are The Forbidden Food For Kittens? Tips And Top 3 Brands Recommendations For Feeding A Cat At 1, 2, 6 Months

With the advent of the little furry house, many owners are thinking about how to properly feed the kitten so that it can grow and develop as harmoniously as possible. If learning to swallow, playing, or even training can be dealt with by trial and error, nutritional principles should be approached more thoroughly. Improper eating […]

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What Can You Do To Your Overweight Cat? 6 Ways To Help Your Fat Cat Lose Weight

Your fat cat may look cute and cuddly, but inside that roly-poly exterior is a disaster waiting to happen. Obesity is the most common nutritional problem seen in pets, says veterinarian Susan Little of the Winn Feline Foundation. In an article in Pets Magazine, she says studies show that 40 to 50 percent of cats are overweight. […]

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My Cat Is Too Fat! Possible Health Risks, Home Remedies, And Exercises For Cats With Obesity

Health risks for obese cats Like humans, cats can become obese. Helping your cat lose weight requires discipline and persistence, but there are some home remedies for cats that can assist in the process. Obesity poses serious health risks to cats as extra demand is placed on organs in the body and joints and bones have to […]

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Time For Proper Nutrition For Your Felines: All About Benefits Of Dry Cat Food

Too many rumors have spread about the usefulness/harm of dry food for our pets. We will tell you about the benefits of dry cat food. The owner decides how to feed the mustachioed ward. However, do not save or buy the wrong cat food, so as not to harm the health of the cat. You […]

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