Cat collars, clothes and jewelry: Transform Your Fur-baby into a Feline Fashionista (or out yourself as a cat lover!)

cat fashion accessories

Cat collars, clothes and jewelry: Transform Your Fur-baby into a Feline Fashionista (or out yourself as a cat lover!)

cat fashion accessories

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my tenure as a proud cat mum and operator of a rescue shelter, it’s that the expression, “dogs have masters, cats have staff” is 100% correct. Cats have a majestic, royal air about them, radiating an aura of mystery, often leaving us, their humble servants, awestruck. However, what such indulged felines don’t discuss are their hidden desires for self-expression! I’ve learned from my beloved fur-babies that dressing them up in cat collars, earrings, jewelry, and clothes isn’t simply a fashionable statement, it’s a narrative of their persona! Yes, even cats like to play dress-up. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the world of cat fashion!

Cat Collars

My cat, Mr. Whiskers, is a born explorer. Whether it’s my kitchen cupboards, a random box, or the great outdoors, nothing can quench his thirst for discovery. However, his wandering ways often give me anxiety. The solution? A cat collar! Not only are they chic, but they serve practical purposes. Identification tags, GPS tracking devices, or bells can be attached to these collars to keep Mr. Whiskers safe on his adventures source. Collars like the one from Pawtitas offer reflective material, perfect for an evening stroll.

Cat Earrings

Next comes cat earrings! Now, these aren’t for your feline friend but for the proud fur-parent. I remember when my dear cat Fluffy left me for kitty heaven. In remembrance, I got these delightful cat earrings. They reminded me of Fluffy’s playful nature and elegance. Wearing these earrings, I carried her memory with me everywhere. There are numerous designs out there, ranging from minimalistic styles to elaborate studded pieces. And don’t forget, they make a great conversation starter with fellow cat lovers! Check out these cute pairs on Etsy.

Cat Jewelry

This section combines two of my favorite passions – cats and jewelry. Are you a cat enthusiast, molding your life around their whims and fancies? Then don’t shy away from embracing cat-themed jewelry. From necklaces, bracelets, and rings, these accessories help express your feline affection. Every time you adorn yourself with this jewelry, it resonates with your commitment to your furry family. A favorite of mine is the Pawsome Couture collection.

Cat Ring

Speaking of jewelry, one cannot forget about cat rings. These are delicate and cultured, embodying the spirit of our feline friends. Looking for the purrfect cat ring? Visit CatCurio. Their rings capture the essence of cats beautifully—I wear mine as a constant reminder of my love for my four-legged friends and their endless companionship.

Cat Necklace

My cat necklace collection is close to my heart. Each piece holds a fond memory, be it the day I adopted Snowy, or Bella’s first Christmas with us. A cat necklace can also make for an excellent gift for a fellow cat lover. For the cutest and most intricate designs, I recommend visiting Meowingtons.

Cat Clothes

Moving on to clothes, people often misunderstand cat clothes as forced fashion. But trust me when I say, I’ve seen Pippin gloat in his tuxedo outfit on numerous occasions. Some cats indeed enjoy the extra layer that not only warms them but also gives them a unique appeal. From everyday wear to Halloween costumes, this niche has it all! Sites like Bitch New York have an amazing range of options.

Cat Sweater

Lastly, my favorite – the cat sweater! If you’re an old fur-parent like me, you’ve seen your feline shivering on a cold winter’s night. My Pickles simply adores his cozy sweater and curls up in it for his afternoon naps! It’s critical to ensure the fabric is comfortable and non-itchy for your cats. You can find some coziest sweaters at Chewy.

Do not forget, while these items are usually safe, always supervise your cats when they’re rocking their new accessories as not all cats may enjoy being fashionistas. Happy shopping, err, catering to your royal highnesses!

Hello, I am cat mum Ashley. This is the personal blog where I share all my love and knowledge of my cats. Stay around and let's have more purrr-fect meowww-moments together!

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