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Cat Behavior

Litter Box Training: Life with Mr. Twinkles and a Holiday Deferred

I’ve always loved cats. Well, all animals. But cats? There’s something charmingly unique about them: their aloofness, their need for independence, their – let’s admit it – sometimes oddly eccentric behavior. I’ve seen it all in my fur-family of five. Still, nothing prepared me for the roller-coaster ride that was Mr. Twinkles and his refusal […]

Cat Behavior

Crazy or Cute? Why Your Cat Brings You Dead Creatures

Hey there, fellow cat enthusiasts! Ashley here, sharing some adorable, albeit slightly gruesome, anecdotes and insights about our beloved feline companions. I still remember the first time my furball of love, Tigger, brought me a “gift.” As I sat enjoying my morning coffee, Tigger strutted in, head held high, collar bell jingling with pride, proudly […]

Cat Behavior

The Science Behind Cats Landing on Their Feet: Busting Feline Myths

Hey there, fellow cat parents! It’s your feline insider, Ashley, back to scratch beneath the surface of one of the most enduring cat myths – the inimitable ability of cats to always land on their feet, known as the “righting reflex”. It’s a fabulous spectacle, but have you ever wondered how our nimble kitties pull […]

Cat Behavior

Unlocking Kitty Language: Understand What Your Cat is Telling You

Hi there! It’s your gal Ashley, back again with some wholesome kitty content. Running a cat rescue shelter has taught me that, while kitties may not speak human, they certainly have a language of their own. If you’re a puzzled cat parent trying to understand what your furry darling is telling you, you’ve come to […]

Cat Behavior

Cats vs. Cucumbers: Unraveling the Internet’s Most Puzzling Trend

Hello, fellow feline enthusiasts! It’s Ashley, your fellow cat-mum and full-time rescue shelter connoisseur, here to unravel one of the internet’s most puzzling and viral trends – Cats vs. Cucumbers! You must have come across videos where terrified cats leap into the air at the sight of a seemingly harmless cucumber. Hilarious? Yes. But, shouldn’t […]

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The Secret Life of Cats: 10 Surprising Things They Do When You’re Not Around

Hey there, cat lovers! It’s Ashley again, delving into the mysterious world of our furry friends. As a cat mum and a rescue shelter runner, I’ve often been curious about what my cats are up to when I’m not around. So, with the help of a few hidden cameras and a lot of patience, I’ve […]

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