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When To Neuter A Female Kitten? Advice From An Experienced Cat Owner

When kittens have kittens… I’m so disappointed in my favorite cat podcast tonight. They’re talking about how old a cat should be when she’s spayed and encouraging the person who asked to wait until her cat is seven or eight months old to spay her. But what they’ve neglected to mention is that a female […]

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How To Adopt The ‘Purrfect’ Cat For Your Family? Feline Adoption Checklist

Decisions, decisions, decisions… You’re well aware that cat adoption is in your immediate future. But how will you locate a cat, and how will you know whether it’s the appropriate cat for you? The last step is simple. You’ll know when you’ve found the proper kitty. You’ll have an almost mystical connection with the cat […]

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Why Your Kitty Don’t Eat Watery Meals? 8 Tips For Switching Your Cat From Dry To Wet Food

Some cats just really love their dry food. I’ve had a few of those myself! But with patience and determination, you can switch a cat from dry to wet food. Just try these suggestions. If your cat eats both wet and dry food now, gradually decrease the amount of dry food she gets and increase […]

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How To Get Rid Of Dandruff: Care Guide And Natural Remedies For Cats With Dandruff

Why do cats get dandruff? Like humans, cats may also suffer from dandruff. Dandruff shows as little white specks on the cat’s coat and develop when loose dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin flake off and get caught in the cat’s fur. Dandruff can cause a cat’s coat to appear unsightly […]

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Isn’t It Normal For Cats To Have Furballs? What You Need To Know: Tips To Prevent Hairball Problems

It is normal for cats to have hairballs. It is a natural habit of cats to lick their body. This makes them swallow their own fur. Some of the hair thus swallowed will come out of the body through excretion but some of it may still be left inside the stomach of the cat. Over […]

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Is It Real? Fact Check! Top 10 Myths About Cats You Can Endure Boring Quarantine

Myth: Cats always land on their feet. Fact: While cats instinctively fall feet first but that does not mean that they will not receive any injuries. Myth: Cats should be given milk every day. Fact: Some cats have lactose intolerance. So, they should not be forced to have milk. A grown-up cat can have its […]

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Top 5 Flashy Asian Cat Breeds And Characteristics You Might Want To Know

An integral part of the culture of the East, Asian cats are known for their flashy appearance, agility and demeanor. Although cats are some of the most popular pets around the world, they have taken on special symbolism in the East and Asia. They are associated with good luck, wealth, and money. Therefore, Asian cats […]

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What Are The Forbidden Food For Kittens? Tips And Top 3 Brands Recommendations For Feeding A Cat At 1, 2, 6 Months

With the advent of the little furry house, many owners are thinking about how to properly feed the kitten so that it can grow and develop as harmoniously as possible. If learning to swallow, playing, or even training can be dealt with by trial and error, nutritional principles should be approached more thoroughly. Improper eating […]

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