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How To Manage Healthy Lifestyle With Felines? Home Natural Remedies For Cats With Diabetes

Cat diabetes comes in two types and your vet will prescribe insulin for both. In addition, home remedies for cats can help you manage your cat’s condition.  Herbal remedies are excellent for treating cat diabetes. You can make your own remedies or buy them ready-made. A combination of certain herbs may improve the symptoms of diabetes, […]

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9+ Famous Felines You Need To Know: Cats From Literatures And Surprising Stories

Some Famous Cats in Fact and Fiction Cheshire cat. The famous cat was invented by Lewis Carroll in his novel ‘Alice in Wonderland.  Felix. The most recognizable cat; was created in Pat Sullivan’s cartoon strip series “Felix the Cat.” Garfield. Striped and bulgy-eyed comic strip cat became a phenomenon for its frank and pinching talks. […]

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How To Chat With Your Cats? Understanding Feline Communication

Do you get the impression that your cat is conversing in a foreign language? He certainly is! However, once you’ve mastered the fundamentals of cat communication, it’s not difficult to grasp. The Unspoken Word Cats are constantly conversing with one another. It’s simply that we’re not hearing them. Mothers and kittens meow and chirp to […]

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How Can I Not Make My Cat Upset When Going Out Together? Tips You Might Be Desperate: Traveling With Your Cat

It can be fun going out with your cat. The lovely kitty will keep you occupied in your journey plus you won’t feel bad about leaving her alone. So, there will not be any guilt conscience in your mind and you will be enjoying your trip with a full heart. But, it is a well […]

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No-Kill Shelter For Little Cat-With-No-Name: A Heartbreaking Feline Story That Leads You To Reflect

She spent her last days in a cage at the merciless “shelter” run by Baltimore County Animal Control. A black cat with no name, she was thrown out by her people and left to perish either outdoors or at the hands of executioners claiming to work in the animal welfare field. My rescue team attempted […]

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How To Design A Balanced Diet For Healthy Cats? The Nutrients That Your Kitty Needs

They Are What They Eat: A healthy diet for cats, like a healthy diet for humans, needs to be carefully balanced to include the correct nutrients in the correct amounts. But that’s where the similarity between food for humans and cats ends. Cats have unique nutritional requirements and need a diet, either commercial or homemade, […]

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Small Cat Breeds Index: 7 Recommendations With The Profile And Interesting Facts You Might Want To Know

Abyssinian cat Abyssinians are very intelligent and very curious. They love to investigate and will not leave any point of your home indifferent and unexplored. They are sometimes called thieves because they tend to take things that attract their interest. The playful Abyssinian cat loves to jump and climb. Keep a variety of toys on […]

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Feline Treatment Index: Reasons And Home Remedies For Cats With Vomiting

Why do cats vomit? Cats often induce vomiting by eating couchgrass and other herbs. This is nothing to worry about as they are only using a natural cleansing method and getting rid of excess bile, mucus, and other impurities. However, continual or acute vomiting can be dangerous for your cat and should be treated. Home […]

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Why Is Your Kitty Becoming More Forgetful? Cats Senility: Ways To Keep Elderly Cays Comfortable And Life-Engaging

Your elderly cat’s not the same. She howls at night, her once-perfect litter box habits are far from perfect now, and she seems to forget where things are. Could you be living with a senile cat? Recent research suggests that maybe you are. A Common Problem Senility in cats may be more common than we […]

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What To Do When Your Cat Is In Pain? Causes & Medication You Can Give To Them

A New Way Of Thinking: Until recently, veterinarians believed that animals do not feel pain. But that way of thinking is changing, and a 2007 American Animal Hospital Association Journal article urges veterinarians to consider pain the fourth vital sign, after temperature, pulse, and respiration. The article also encourages vets to provide pain relief before […]

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