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My Cat Seems Difficult To Breath: Treatments And Natural Remedies For Cats With Asthma

Asthma is a chronic condition and is characterised by inflammation and thickening of the small airways in the lungs. It is also known as chronic bronchitis. Cats of all ages may suffer from asthma but it is more prevalent in younger to middle-aged cats. Siamese cats are particularly predisposed. When your cat inhales the affected […]

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Should You Adopt A Cat? A Short Inspiring Adoption Story To Read Before You Find Your Perfect Feline

A buddy who runs a rescue told me a tale today. A guy wanted to adopt a cat from a rescue organization. The only issue was that he’d just purchased new furniture and wanted a cat that wouldn’t scratch his leather sofa. Oh, and he needs a cat with impeccable litter box habits. I do, […]

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My Cat Is Not Feeling Well! Check This If Your Feline Seems Sick: Cat Ailments A-Z

Home Remedies for Cats is for all of you who want to treat common cat health problems with natural and home remedies. I am a complementary therapist and have successfully been using home remedies to treat my cats for the last 16 years. On this website, you will discover the best natural and home remedies for […]

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How To Give A Cat A Pill And Still Be Friends? Ways To Medicate Your Feline

Over the years, I’ve had to give cats pills hundreds of times. This hasn’t always been a good experience — for me or the cats! These are some of the tricks I’ve learned, sometimes by trial and error and sometimes by just trying to think like a cat. A Word About Pills When given a […]

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What’s Causing That Cat’s Bad Breath? 7 Potential Diseases That You Should Be Aware Of

If your cat’s breath makes you wince and want to turn your head, you’ll probably need more than kitty breath mints to solve the problem. While an occasional whiff of tuna breath isn’t cause for concern, chronic bad cat breath can be a warning that something is very wrong. These are some of the causes […]

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Do Cats Make Good Gifts At Christmas? Things You Should Consider Before Gifting A Kitty

Do you want to give a cat as a Christmas present? Christmas cats do not have to come on Christmas, and delaying the new family member’s arrival until after the holidays may be beneficial for everyone, even the cat. Cats are creatures of habit, and they value their daily pattern above nearly anything else. However, […]

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What To Do If Your Cat Goes Missing? Search Tips & Resources That You Might Need

Tonight I’m writing with great pleasure. My missing cat has returned home after three days! He went out Tuesday morning and never returned. There was no trace of him anywhere. I scoured our parking lots and the woods at all hours of the day and night, put up leaflets, filed a “lost” report with animal […]

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My Cat Is Having Watery And Bloody Poop: Home Remedies For Cats With Diarrhoea

What causes diarrhoea in cats? Minor diarrhea can easily be treated with home remedies for cats. Diarrhea can be caused by several factors and you must discover what causes it in your cat. It is usually not serious for adult cats, however, watery, bloody, or persistent diarrhea indicates serious problems and you should take your […]

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