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Tracking Your Feral Cat Colony For You And Your Cats’ Health

Biologists and nature lovers track birds and wildlife to assess their overall health, resiliency, migration patterns and the state of their habitat. While cats usually stay close to their food source, tracking a feral cat colony also provides important information for caretakers and researchers. Who’s Out There? Managing a feral cat colony takes more than […]

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Home Remedies And Strategies For Cats With Fleas: Common Parasites But Can Be Dangerous

How to Treat Cats with Fleas? Fleas are extremely common parasites among cats.  And keeping the fleas at bay isn’t all that easy. What makes fleas so incredibly difficult to control is their amazing resilience. One female flea can lay over 2000 eggs during her short life which means an infestation can occur rapidly. Flea […]

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Your Cat Hates Your Grooming? Tips You Should Follow To Have Proper Grooming And Check Her Health

If you are planning to own a cat or even if you already have one, you must get your grooming concepts right. You may have a groomer, but even then, it is necessary to know how to groom your cat so she loves it as much as you do. When you are grooming your cat […]

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Are Your Cats Messing Around The Holiday’s Decorations? Tips For Surviving The Christmas With Your Kitties

Christmas and cats. Some of us get shivers just thinking about it. However, with proper preparation, Christmas can be both safe for the kitties and enjoyable for all of you. These suggestions will make the holidays more enjoyable for the whole family. About That Christmas Tree That large, magnificent tree simply asking to be climbed, […]

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Why Is Your Male Cat Behaving So Rudely? 7 Reasons To Explain Feline Boys’ Bad Behaviors

Understanding Why Your Boy Does The Things He Does: Is there a difference between female and male cat behavior? Most people who have lived with both would probably say there’s not. Male cats tend to be more affectionate, but females can be very loving, too. Females are often better hunters, but males can also be […]

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How To Train A Kitten To The Tray: Tips For Successful Litter Training Of Your Cat

Little kittens copy their mother. If she relieves herself in the tray, the cub repeats after her. Over time, he forms a dynamic stereotype, in simple words – a habit. Once and for life. If you picked up a small kitten from the street, he does not yet have the habit of using the litter […]

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What Should You Do If You Meet A Stray Cat? Steps To Be Taken & Feline Resources

For the last day or so, I’ve been writing about stray cats and have been lost in happy memories. There was a huge feral with one ear who decided to move in with us and was my spirit guide for many years. And then there was a very cool furry dude who also moved in […]

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15 Amazing Cat Facts: Mind-blowing Information About Your Feline

Did you know… Ailurophilia is the word to define the “love of cats.” Ailurophobia means Fear of cats. We have around 500 million domestic cats in the world, with 33 different breeds. A cat’s heartbeat is twice as fast as our heartbeat, at 110 to 140 beats per minute. The largest cat breed is the […]


The Adorable Appeal of Chonky Cats: A Guide to Understanding and Caring for Your Chunky Furry Friend

Hey there, fellow cat lovers! Ashley, your resident cat mum, is back with another paw-sitively exciting topic. Today, we’re talking about a term you’ve probably seen bouncing around the internet — chonky cats. Yes, you read that right! Chonky, or chunky, refers to our delightfully round feline friends who are a bit on the heavier […]

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