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Oh, No! Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Again? 8 Reasons Feline Vomit

It’s a myth that cats are “supposed” to throw up often. If your cat is vomiting, take a look at all the reasons why cats throw up. The solution may be as simple as brushing more often or changing your cat’s diet, but it’s also possible your cat needs medical care. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Clean Up Your […]

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Where Can I Get Best Information For My Pet? Cat Resources You Need To Know

Feral Cat/TNR Information Neighborhood CatsHumane Society of the United States Low Cost Spay/Neuter Resources Lost & Found Petfinder: www.petfinder.comPets 911: www.pets-911.com1-800-Save-A-Pet: Pet Boarding/Sitting & Grooming Paws Pet Resort & Spa – ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ See Current Price ✅ Best Cats Encyclopedia The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Cats, Cat Breeds & Cat Care – ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through this […]

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How Much Litter To Put In A Cat’s Litter Box? How To Keep Kitty’s Toilet Clean

The amount of cat litter to use is a frequently asked topic. However, I must admit that I was inspired to write this explanation after seeing Jackson Galaxy on “My Cat From Hell” discussing how much cat litter to use. Is this person simply making everything up? (That would be yes, it seems.) So, according […]

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How Often Should You Scoop A Cat’s Litter Box? Tips To Keep Kitty’s Toilet Clean

You’ve been scooping your cat’s litter box every couple of days, right? And it’s a stinking shambles? And, on top of that, it’s a royal pain in the buttocks? You’ve already realized that once every couple of days is insufficient. There is no limit to how often you can and should scoop a cat’s litter […]

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How To Get Your Cat To Not Be Afraid Of The Carrier?

You should never drive your cat without a cat carrier. First, having a cat roaming around the vehicle while you drive is very unsafe, and second, the carrier protects your cat from damage in the event of an accident. There is one more factor you may not have considered, which I will discuss more below. […]

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How To Use A Flea Comb To Check Your Cat For Fleas?

When someone fears their cat has fleas, I’m generally the one who is summoned to investigate. Fleas, after all, are not always visible. Unless the infection is severe, you will not see fleas leaping about like they’re at a circus, and you may not even notice any signs like itching. Alternatively, the symptoms might be […]

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Advantages Of A Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post

Your cat needs a scratching post. Many people believe their cat’s scratching to be “evil,” although scratching is normal and required for cats. Not all scratching is created equal. Cats scratch to sharpen their claws and remove the old sheath from their claws, and they also “scratch” as they stretch. They scrape to indicate their […]

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