Automatic Cat Food Dispensers Buying Guide 2022: Things To Consider

There is a chance you might have been at a crossroads when it comes to choosing the best automatic cat feeder for your pet. This still happens even with such reviews above. Well, it is possible as some models come close enough. It is then important that you take your time to go through the buying guide part to learn more about this awesome product. These are the considerations for you to help you determine what works for you when it comes to an automatic wet cat food dispenser.

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✅ Best Reviewed Automatic Cat Feeder

So convenient and easy. Great for any cat owner – We love, love, love this feeder! Every time the recording play, the cat goes running to the room. It puts out accurate amounts. In the beginning, I measured to make sure we didn’t over/under feed by trusting the feeder. It’s a little annoying to convert cups to the portion sizes, but once you set it up you don’t need to touch it again.

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✅ Cat Feeder with Digital Timer

Smart Design – This is a solid, well designed feeder. The dish wheel is very smooth and easy to clean, with enough room in each compartment for a large can of wet food. Programming is pretty straight forward, once you learn the function of each button. The unit is pretty big, but that also helps it stay put if you have a very hungry and aggressive cat! The rotation of the feeder isn’t exact, so sometimes the portion isn’t perfectly lined up with the opening, but that hasn’t been an issue so far. The motor doesn’t make much sound when it rotates, which is ok, but I do wish there was a chime or programmable sound to help train our cat at feeding time. For the money, this is an excellent feeder. If there was a delux model that plugged in, and had a refrigeration feature, I’d definitely pay more for that.

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✅ Automatic Gravity Water Food Dispenser

 Works as expected – This makes water and treats easier. The water container is easier and cleaner to fill than many other solutions. Our cat hasn’t knocked it down at all over the couple weeks we’ve had it. As a side note, make sure not to place this on any incline as the water drips down from the bottle, then needs to travel to the bowl for drinking. This means on any incline, the water may not travel to the drinking bowl. I have it on a slight decline and that works well.

Why Does A Cat Need A Timed Cat Feeder?

Control Your Cat’s Calories Intake

Cats are just like humans. There is a need to watch what they eat. You do not have to give the cat any food that it likes most. It always comes down to how healthy is the food? It is crucial that you get to pick a model that will work well with the proper food management for your cat.

Depending on the cat food, it will always have the calorie label. You need to have the correct portion of each food so that you become only give it the best food at all times. This way you get to control the calories that your cat can have at any time. No one wants to end up with a fat cat that will also have health issues. We all know that cats are not the most active pets. Without proper exercise, the extra calories will end up making the cat gain weight in no time.

Your Cat Eats Too Fast

There are several reasons you would want to use a timed pet feeder for your cat. One of those reasons is that your kitty eats too fast. When this happens, mostly you end up with your pet eating a lot more food in just one sitting. This is no good as it might lead to overweight. Sometimes is that you have to keep feeding the cat over and over.

If you are tired of feeding your cat multiple times a day, then you need to use a timed cat feeder. This is important to help with feeding exactly the amount of food your cat needs.

This method also helps with training the cat. It will get to know that it will only eat at certain times. This might just make it take more time eating instead of hurrying.

Your Cat Is Overweight

It is common for some cat owners to fail to understand the dangers of having an overweight cat. Let us say that your cat is 10 pounds and then it is given half a pound of food. Such is quite significant for the cat. If the cat ends up having more weight to carry, then it will be stressed most of the time. Another thing is that more pressure will be put on the joints. That is not a good thing for any living being.

As a result, your pet might suffer from osteoarthritis, but that is not all. If your cat keeps on having more weight, it could lead to other medical conditions such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, kidney disease and many more. As you can see, the list is quite long. This just shows that it is now time to start using a timed cat feeder.

Good Automatic Pet Feeder Features

Let’s take a look at the main characteristics, a good auto feeder should have.

Various Speed Modes

Not all pets are equal. Things can vary when it comes to the eating part. Some pets will have different food needs from the others. It is then important to have a model that comes with different speed modes. Some of the modes can be fast, slow, or pause. You have some with intermediate modes in between fast and slow.

We have some cats that might be used to feeding fast. This calls for having a model that will allow for fast feeding through the day.

You might want to take the time to understand the different speeds that come with the model. A good model should help you achieve the right speeds depending on the feeding patterns of the pet.

The models vary from one model to another. They might be named differently, but they often do the same thing. You can check out the automatic cat feeder reviews to see what you will be getting.

Customized Feeding Schedule

Many people would want something that they can customize to fit their needs. It is not always about sticking to what the manufacturer offers. The customization of a cat feeder helps a lot when it comes to feeding your cat. As the owner, you know the cat better. If you are given the chance of feeding it, you can customize it even better.

Check the product manual to see if it is possible for you to customize the feeding schedule to suit your pet. Most models would have you to customize the feeding schedule in terms of minutes and hours.

Bowl Capacity

The bowl capacity is another thing to consider before purchasing the best automatic ct feeder. You want a model with the best capacity for feeding the pet. Do not confuse this capacity with the food hopper. The bowl is where the pet will eat its food. The bowl capacity will vary based on several factors, but you have to find the right option for your pet.

The capacity of the bowl will determine just how much food the pet will access at any given time. It is crucial to have a model that has enough space for your pet. It is one thing to overfeed the pet, but it is even worse to underfeed it. The bowl capacity is supposed to be the right size to give the pet the right food portion it is scheduled to release the food.

Quiet Operation

Another important feature the best automatic cat feeder should have is the low noise level. The type of operation that you get with the model is often important. Having a model that comes with a quiet operation mode is a dream of most people. You do not need a model that makes a lot of noise when dispensing the food. As much as you might not always be there to hear it dispense, you want it quiet just in case you are home.

For the model to be quiet, it all depends on what you have as the motor or its opening mechanism. Check out the reviews on the model to see what other people have said about the model before buying it.


For the operation to be automated, the model needs to be powered. It comes down to what the model uses as the source of power. You might have to think of using a battery at some point depending on the model. Some models only use batteries to power their systems.

When a battery is involved, you have to consider the battery life. You do not want to have a model that does not function simply because it does not have a functioning battery. For most auto cat feeders, they will be using the 4C and 4D batteries. These batteries could go up to 12 months of use. Well, that is quite a bargain for most people.

Some might use other different types of batteries. It is up to you to understand what you will be getting with the batteries before you can buy them

Detachable Bowl For Easy Cleaning

At some point, you will have to clean the bowl before you can continue using it for your pet. Cleaning can often put off some people. If it becomes hard to clean, then you can find most people opting for another type of cat feeder.

It is great if you can pick a model that comes with a detachable bowl. This allows for easy cleaning without too much. The best is if you have a model with dishwasher-safe parts. It could be the bowl or any other parts. Cleaning the various parts in the dishwasher should be easy and less time-consuming.

Another reason is that people who opt for an auto cat food dispenser do not have much time on their hands. Having an easy to clean model should save them a lot of time.

Feeding Multiple Pets

You should find an auto cat food dispenser that will perform extremely well to an extent it can feed multiple pets. It does not have to be at the same time, but rather different times or types of pets. When you are going to pick a cat feeder, make sure that you understand the type of cat feeder you are buying.

The best multi cat automatic feeder can come in handy when you are looking to feed your cat or dog. There are various models with such capabilities on the market right now. They are not necessarily expensive. You simply have to find what works for your pets.

You might have to come up with a schedule for feeding the two pets depending on your availability. You can use the model to feed your dog if you are away for the weekend with the cat. The capacity also plays an important role when it comes to picking the right model for your pet. Make sure it has the capacity to serve the pets effectively.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Cat Self Feeder

And What About Your 4-paws Friend?

We already gave you a quick overview of the main criteria of automatic feeders, but the feeder is not the only thing you should pay attention to. Even the overall best automatic cat feeder will not work for your pet if you will not consider the cat’s habits and characteristics.

What Is The Size And Strength Of Your Pets

You might have thought that the cats are simply calm and nonchalant, but that is not always the case. They might pretend to be calm when we are looking, but they can also be cunning at times. This is especially when it comes to the food available to them.

Depending on the breed of the cat, they can grow to different sizes and strength. The Siamese cats are known to be more aggressive than other breeds when it comes to searching for food. This just goes to show you need a cat feeder that can withstand the abuse.

The cat sensing the feeder has food, it will always try to break into it. This calls for the owner to buy a pet-proof automatic cat food dispenser. Such a model will keep the cat from accessing the food until the scheduled time.

How Many Different Meals Can It Be Programmed For?

Cats can be choosy pets when it comes to the food you can offer. Some might have a preference towards a certain meal than the other. It is crucial then that you have the best model that allows for having multiple meals programmed into it.

Different meals will have different shapes and sizes. You always have to consider getting the best model that can handle the food demands of your cat. The model should be in a position to dispense various food types. If today they are large in size, then it should not have a problem.

Talking about the size, you have to consider a model with the anti-jam system. It can be worse when it is time to feed the cat, but the model is not dispensing due to jamming. If the cat feeder keeps jamming, then it is not worth having it. The worst is when you are away for the weekend and the feeder jams due to large food pieces. Just make sure the model is versatile so that it allows for programming multiple food types into it.

What Sort Of Food Your Cat Prefers? (Dry Or Wet)

Just like an average person, you will always want some variety when it comes to the food you eat. It is the same thing for the cats. You can give it dry food today and then wet food tomorrow. It often comes down to your availability. It is common for most cat owners to use the automatic feeders to dispense dry food. It is only when they are around they can give the cat wet food. This is what an automatic cat feeder for wet food has been created for.

What if you want both dispensed while you are away? This now calls for you to find a model that can dispense both dry and wet foods. What you will get on the market are mostly models that can dispense only dry food and at most semi-moist food. This does not mean you cannot get one that can do both.

Consider why you have to dispense wet food before opting for such a model, a wet cat food dispenser. It is important that the food remains fresh by the time it is dispensed to the cat.

Is The Food Stored In An Airtight Compartment? Or Is It An Open Air One?

It is crucial that your cat food remains fresh even if it is placed in the automatic cat feeder. Since cats can be picky if it does not smell right then forget about them eating such food. It is therefore important that you consider where the food will be stored before dispensing.

Whether it is airtight or open air, each side has its pros and cons. What is crucial is that you might want to consider an airtight model. This means that the food is kept away from the cat until the feeding time. Open air can be good for air circulation, but the cat will find this as a weak point. It will always try to pry through the container and get to the food.

Can I Use The Best Auto Cat Feeder To Feed My Pet From Anywhere?

The advancement in technology for sure has made things great in all different fields. Who would have thought that it would be possible to open the cat feeder from anywhere in the world? This is something that is now possible if you check out several cat feeder models. These feeders can be operated as they are connected to the internet.

The operation is by the touch of a button from your phone. The manufacturer of such type of automatic cat feeders will also include an app for controlling the feeder. From the app, you can manipulate as many functionalities as you want.

So, do you think you are the person that needs to have a feeder that can be operated from anywhere? If the answer is yes, you need to check and compare several models first. Since the technology is relatively new to the field, you need to end up with the best model among them all.

Other Things To Watch Out For

Buying your next cat self-feeder is now easy when you have all the important considerations above. Still, there are a few things you have to watch out for when buying the cat feeder.

  • The durability of the model you pick is always paramount. Not all models will be made of strong material. It is then crucial to understand the type of materials used and how they can stand up to time working as a food dispenser.
  • How about the safety of the pet? This still comes down to the material used to make the food dispenser and an eating bowl. It is now common to have models that are BPA-free if it is a plastic construction. You know that it is best if the eating bowl is stainless steel to offer more safety for the cat.
  • The type of brand is another important thing you have to always consider. It is crucial that you pick a model from a top brand. This is mostly if you are unsure which model is the best. The top brands are known for making sure their products can live up to user expectations.
  • You still have to consider the cleaning process. It is better to have a model that will be easy to clean before refilling it with new food. Some models will come apart easily while others might be a hassle to clean. You have to consider picking the right model that will be easy to clean always.
  • The type of food that you will feed the cat is still an important thing to watch out for. No need to have food that will easily go stale while in the dispenser. Make sure to pick a food type that can stay fresh for longer in combination with a top-quality cat feeder.
  • Having an automatic cat food dispenser is one thing that every busy couple should have. It comes in handy to make sure your pet always gets the right food at all times. That being said, you still have to choose the food dispenser correctly. From the various considerations above, it is now easy to pick a model that serves you correctly. It is not always about the price, but what the model can offer to the user.

Conclusion: Did You Find The Best Automatic Cat Feeder For You?

Well, by now you can see the importance of having the best cat feeder with you at all times. From the various automatic cat feeder reviews, you should be in a position to make up your mind easily. The best automatic cat feeder has so many benefits and you could start enjoying them once you get one today. One thing is that you will never have to ask your neighbor to feed your cat while you are away. Not all people love cats. You will also have peace of mind each time you are away on a trip working or vacation. You will know that the cat will have its food dispensed at the right time just as you would want. Still, on the benefits, it is possible that you can now control the intake and portions of your cat’s food. It can only have a certain amount of food just enough to keep it healthy.

These are the features that make a model the best. We have highlighted several features above that should help you decide. You have to keep in mind the brand, the size of the pet, the type of food to be dispensed, the operation, and more. This should make you only pick a model that is right for your cat.

If you are still not sure which model to pick, then the PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder can be the best option when it comes to the best slow feeder for cats. It is designed to have a larger capacity which allows you to have an easy time feeding the cat. It also offers up to 12 meals per day. You can increase or decrease the frequency depending on the nutrition needs of your cat.

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