Are You Planning To Bring Home Another Cat? Tips To Help Their Pleasant Relationship

russian blue cat on black textile

Are You Planning To Bring Home Another Cat? Tips To Help Their Pleasant Relationship

russian blue cat on black textile

Cats are loner by nature and do not prefer to mingle with any one else, be it one of their own kind. If you are planning to have another cat at home, make sure that you do it slowly and carefully. It would be helpful to keep these points in mind if you are bent upon bringing a new companion for your cat, so that their relationship becomes a pleasant one.

Cats take a lot of time to accept other cats in the same house.

They may not be able to share their things with someone who is new.

They may act aggressively in front of the new cat, alternately they may start shirking everybody and become a loner, though only for a few days.

They may over eat or under eat as they suddenly realise there is someone else with whom they will have to share their food, and as a result become insecure about their food.

The new comer should be kept out of the territory of the old cat.

The two should not be introduced in the are or zone of the old cat. This way the old cat is not threatened of the presence of the new cat.

The new kitten’s room should have all the necessary goodies so that she does not have to roam around the whole place.

The new kitten’s room must have a litter tray, food, water bowl, comfy bed, toys and a scratching post.

Let the meeting be postponed till the time your new cat is familiar with your home.

Be friendly with the new cat, she must never feel that she is an outsider.

Scents have a very important role in relationship between the cats. Before you get the two cats to meet, you can make them sense each other’s presence by sharing things between them, such as their food bowl, toys etc.

If they are able to bear each other’s scent, we may assume they will also tolerate each other’s company. Whenever the two cats meet, associate it with happy incidents such as a pat to the old cat or a treat to both the cats.

Don’t ever be frustrated with either of the cats as they are as much stressed out as you are. Be cooperative with both of them and do not prefer anyone over the other.

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